AchievaMed Leads Charge to Provide Exclusively Domestic MSO Services

With health plans facing increased scrutiny for utilizing offshore
resources, Managed Service Organizations will struggle to pivot and meet
compliance requirements

MONTEREY PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AchievaMed, a leading Managed Services Organization (MSO), is standing
firm in their commitment to employing domestic talent in servicing their
growing portfolio of medical group and health system customers.

Since healthcare is the last major industry in America to adopt
technology, it has become a haven for cybercriminals. New-age risk
factors such as identity theft and ransomware are creating
never-before-seen problems for Covered Entities across the country – and
beyond. It is reported that most Covered Entities are not aware or
otherwise unsure if work is being outsourced overseas by third-party

According to the Information Security Media Group, 91 breaches occurred
in 2018, impacting more than 4.3 million patients and costing consumers
and healthcare organizations millions in fines and remediation costs.

Patient privacy and security are paramount in healthcare. Unfortunately,
offshore service providers don’t always observe best practices and often
take shortcuts. The most practical way to eliminate this risk factor is
to work within U.S. borders.

To quash the notion that domestic resources can be less productive and
come at a higher cost, AchievaMed points to the aggressive completion of
medical claims run-out for Employee Health Systems Medical Group, Inc.
AchievaMed worked with California state regulators and several major
health plans to facilitate the planning and execution of nearly 50,000
claims within a short period of 12 months.

This year, AchievaMed plans to scale operations in the Los Angeles-area
and to add physician-centric solutions to their suite of services. In
parallel, AchievaMed will continue to invest in and enhance their
proprietary technology platforms designed to streamline medical claims
management and internal workflows.

AchievaMed’s Chief Technology Officer Felipe Benavidez adds, “Our
technology stack is superior to that of our competitors, but relies on
much of the same foundational technology. We want to collaborate with
other service providers that are most interested in making the
patient-physician relationship a top priority. We believe the best way
forward is to invest in automation and cutting-edge compliance.”

About AchievaMed

AchievaMed is a first-of-its-kind technology-enabled Managed Service
Organization (MSO). We strive to connect major stakeholders to improve
the coordination of care across the healthcare continuum. Our process is
designed to reduce fragmentation of care and to provide actionable
information to members of the healthcare community.


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