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A fitness startup is helping busy people in Shanghai get out of their comfort zone by letting them make and bet on challenges.

Vivire, which means ‘to live’ in Italian, allows users to put challenges on the platform, such as “doing sit-ups in front of my boss”. Then other users can sponsor the challenge by betting through WeChat’s payment system. When the user completes the task, they take a picture or film a video and post it on the app to prove it.


Team Leader of Vivire, Brendan Goh

“Life is already a challenge, why not make the best out of it?” Brendan Goh, the team leader of Vivire, the winner of the Startup Weekend in Shanghai, told TechNode.

“The idea is to spur on another person to break away from our comfort zone and experience new things. In the process, we might build new relationships and gain more opportunities.”

Unlike other existing fitness apps, Vivire is focusing on companies. For example, the Vivire team plans to give workshops to companies and start giving out easy challenges like “talk to the person in the office that you never talked to”.

Mr. Goh, the founder of Vivire, already runs a B2B on-demand fitness app called Freefite in Shanghai, where he and his team visit offices to give 10 to 20 minute fitness lessons.

Mr. Goh says the new idea or Vivire can be easily combined with his original service. Currently, those who filled out the survey form on Vivire are in a WeChat chat group, where they can suggest different challenges to each other: lying down on the floor and counting to 30, going to a restaurant and suggest a new menu to the cook, singing the first two verses of Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me.’

This startup won first prize during Startup Weekend, which took place over the weekend in Shanghai. As the winner of Startup Weekend, the five team members of Vivire were given a free office for six months at naked Hub, a co-working space in Shanghai, and a UCloud Enterprise program ticket.

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event designed to provide education for entrepreneurs. For this Startup Weekend Shanghai event, fifteen teams built up their ideas throughout the weekend and presented their demos in front of judges last Sunday.


Brendan Goh, team leader of Vivire, is pitching in front of the judges.

Image Credit: TechNode, Startup Weekend

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