#Asia #China UX Best Practices and Product Localization for Chinese Consumers with Samuel Jesse, Co-Founder of UXSPOT


What’s the differences between Chinese market and international market in terms of User Experience (UX)? What’s the key principles to localize your design for Chinese market? Samuel Jesse is the right person to talk with who co-founded a UX research lab UXSPOT in Shanghai. With 10 years of experience in UX, we talked with Samuel about his experience working with Chinese clients as an International designer, UX practices for Chinese consumers, Why mobile is crucial and more about product localization. Here’s a short quote from Samuel , “when something is [well] designed, it gives that perception of trust, it transfers that perception of quality.”

Show Notes:
00:00 Introduction & Summary
01:20 Introducing Samuel Jesse
2:00 Moving from Beijing to Shanghai
2:46 Working with Chinese Clients
3:40 Shanghai vs Beijing Environments
4:31 Initial UX Design Projects with Local Clients
6:14 Change in Chinese attitudes towards UX
7:31 A UX Research Lab in China
9:10 UX Approach and Test in Chinese market
10:21 Importance of Mobile
11:14 Differences between Chinese consumers and international market
12:48 Issues in Translation
14:10 User Verification for Mobile Users
14:45 UX Best Practices in China
16:20 Establishing Trust through Design
18:08 Good Design in China
19:40 International and Chinese UX Differences From Design Perspective
20:40 Implications of Familiarity with Local Companies
22:55 Copy-Cat Culture in China
25:03 Chinese Companies going International
26:34 Over-Localization
27:33 Contact Information and Sign Off

Many thanks to our host Oscar Ramos and guest Samuel Jesse, editor David and Geep, producer Eva Shi, organizer Chinaccelerator and sponsor People Squared. Be sure to check out our website www.chinaccelerator.com.

from The China Startup Pulse https://ift.tt/2FtPxea

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