Conferize announces user metrics: Realizes goals for organizer growth for 2018

Company announcement no. 2/2019
Copenhagen, 6 February 2019

Conferize announces user metrics: Realizes goals for organizer growth for 2018

Conferize A/S announces today key figures for the activity on the Company’s digital Event Management platform for Q3 2018. Conferize has realized the ambitious growth targets for 2018 within Conferize’s primary user segment. By the end of 2018 there were more than 13,000 event organizers on the platform.

Monthly avg. Growth
Users 63,000 62,717 61 pct. 4 pct.
Event organizers 13,000 13,193 198 pct. 10 pct.
Events, accumulated 32,000 31,440 60 pct. 4 pct.

Conferize’s primary customer segment is the event organizers. They drive the growth of both events, ticket sales and users on the platform. By the end of 2018, 13,193 event organizers had signed up to an account on the platform. This is an increase of 16 % compared to last quarter. Over the past 12 months, Conferize has realized an average monthly growth of more than 10 % within this segment.

The latest generation of the company’s Event Management Software (EMS V2), launched on November 30, 2018, marks a whole new impetus for releasing the potential of the business case. It has therefore been expected with excitement how customers would accept the new platform.

Of the organizers who, based on a marketing campaign showed an interest in the product in January, 67% created an account at Conferize, compared to earlier. And of these, 71% continued to create an event, compared to 18% before, corresponding to an improvement of 292% in conversion rate.

“We are cautiously delighted to see the positive reactions to the new product. It’s too early to talk about a general trend. But if we can maintain conversion rates just in the vicinity of this level, the outlook for our business is obviously very positive” says CEO and Founder Martin Ferro-Thomsen.

It is still too early to establish the long-term effect of the improved conversion rates, not least since the Company is still working on optimizing the product’s many sub-areas based on customer feedback.

At the end of 2018, 31,440 events had been created on the platform, corresponding to a growth of 8 % compared to last quarter.

The total number of user accounts (event organizers and event-goers) on the platform was 62,717 accounts at the end of 2018. This is a growth of 10 % in the total number of users on the platform compared to last quarter.

The company maintains the expectations for growth and revenue as previously announced. Expectations based on current performance are shown in the table below.

  2018 2019 2020 2021
Users (1,000) 63 123 231 374
Event organizers (1,000) 13 28 49 78
Events, accumulated (1,000) 32 51 80 130
Revenue ($ 1,000) 0 71 1,089 2,954

About Conferize
Conferize is a digital platform for event organizers and attendees. Too many events and conferences are still planned and realized following a template from the time the world was still analog. This means that the attendees benefit too little in terms of networking, knowledge sharing and participation, and organizers struggle with old-fashioned and incomplete products, ultimately resulting in a bad experience for the attendees.

Conferize solves this fundamental problem by offering a comprehensive solution that makes it easy for the organizer and creates greater value for the attendees – before, during and after the event. At the same time Conferize connects users and content in a global network of events, providing an overview of an otherwise fragmented industry, Conferize has been used by thousands of events in more than 140 countries and has been official partner for TEDx since 2014.

Business registration no. 34472742 |

Certified Adviser
The Company’s Certified Adviser is Baker Tilly Corporate Finance P/S (Business registration no. 40073310), Gert Mortensen, Poul Bundgaards Vej 1, 1., DK-2500 Valby, +45 30 73 06 67,

Investor relations
Søren Dalsgaard Hansen, CFO Conferize A/S, +45 31 21 17 26,


BSH and Techstars launch the “Future Home” Accelerator in Munich

  • Startup program dedicated to the “Future Home” and the “Smart Kitchen”
  • Ten international teams start the program in Munich today
  • Solutions range from a curator of online recipes to an automated grocery replenishment platform in the kitchen

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BSH Hausgeräte GmbH and Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, today launched the Future Home Accelerator Powered by Techstars in Munich, Germany. Once a year, startup teams from all over the world are selected to participate in the accelerator. The program focuses on the smart kitchen as the center of the “connected home.”

For the first year of the program, out of hundreds of applicants from around the globe, 10 startups were selected. The internationally-staffed participating startups come from the United States, Great Britain, South Korea and Hong Kong to the corporate headquarters in Munich to develop hard- and software solutions for various challenges in the “Future Home” – including a curator of online recipes and an automated grocery replenishment platform.

The participants will be accompanied and advised by experienced mentors of the Techstars global network and of BSH Home Appliances decision-makers from departments that include: design, engineering and marketing, as well as experts from Home Connect, BSH’s platform for connected devices and partners. For the duration of the 13-week program, the startups will work in a co-working space in Munich city center.

The business models of this first class in the Future Home Accelerator Program show the relevant trends in the kitchen, which is the center of the connected home, and give us insights on which applications people will use in this area in the future. At BSH, we are inspired by the collaboration with these creative young companies which, in turn, will speed up our pace of innovation,” said Tibor Kramer, Venture and Accelerator Partner at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.

The official start of the program was the 4th of February. The program ends on the 9th of May with a demo day event at which the startups present their refined business models to investors.

These are the first 10 start-ups of the BSH Future Home Accelerator:

Meal IQ (UK) – Intelligent meal planning and shopping
Meal IQ aims to help people fight long-term health conditions or nutritional intolerances through dietary intervention. Meal IQ is a service that makes it super-convenient for people with health conditions to plan and shop their meals in three clicks. AI is first used to read public internet recipes, then to create personalized meal plans in real time to fit users’ exact nutrition, diets, budget and taste preferences, and finally to shop the ingredients automatically via online grocery supermarkets. The service enables people to do their weekly shopping – with healthy options – in less than a minute.

ckbk (UK/USA) – The ultimate online tool for anyone who loves to cook
ckbk, headquartered in London, aims to become the go-to resource of cooking, offering users unlimited access to a curated collection of more than 100,000 recipes, videos and articles. ckbk’s service brings together the full content of hundreds of the world’s finest cookbooks, and adds social sharing, recipe playlists, grocery orders, menu planning and smart kitchen integration to create the essential companion for any cooking enthusiast.

YouAte (USA) – An effortless journaling approach to overcome emotional eating
YouAte empowers people impacted by emotional eating to eat better and feel better. YouAte helps them achieve this through self-awareness, self-diagnostics, and self-improvement. The approach is focused on tracking eating habits and associated emotions in an effortless, mindful, and non-judgmental way. Premium versions are available for both users and coaches.

Rocky Robots (South Korea) – Healthier lifestyle with an accountability assistant
Regularly exercising and eating healthy requires a lot of discipline. Rocky Robots is developing a dialogue-based A.I. “Coach” which helps users to build better habits and routines while providing quantified behavioral data with personalized insights.

Pantri (UK) – Grocery inventory management & automated re-ordering
Pantri is an automated grocery replenishment platform that aims to connect every smart appliance to every online grocery retailer across the globe. At launch, users will be able to connect their smart dishwasher to automatically re-order dishwasher tablets from a mail fulfiller. Pantri will then set about linking users’ connected coffee machine, refrigerator, or connected wine rack to their favorite online retailer.

WIFIPLUG (UK) – The smartest smart plug on the planet
WIFIPLUG is building a brain for large home appliances. It started as a fully voice assistant agnostic smart plug closely monitoring the consumption of appliances. WIFIPLUG recently built the first API-enabled smart plug delivering very detailed data to OEMs. Equipped with a WIFIPLUG, one could trigger automatic replenishment of dishwasher or washer tablets, transforming “not-so-smart” appliances into very clever ones.

Sensorscall (USA) – An AI device platform that enables well-being of seniors
Sensorscall is developing a multi-sensor, connected platform that enables aging in place and looks after the well-being of seniors in their everyday life. The device learns the pattern of daily habits and notifies caretakers of potential unusual events. It is completely unobtrusive with no camera or wearable. It also has a built-in voice communication and medical reminder feature. Installation is as simple as plugging it into a standard electrical outlet and 1-touch configuration using the app.

Qi Aerista (Hong Kong) – A fun, easy and smart way to brew tea perfect every time
The Qi Aerista Smart Tea Brewer lets today’s tea lovers brew any kind of tea to perfection right on their smartphone with a patented Aero-Brew multi-infusion system. It is the first and most versatile brewer in the world that can hot, cold & strong-brew your favorite teas easily including authentic HK-style milk tea with nine preset programs and fun-to-use app features. It is available now on the Qi Aerista online store and selected retail locations. 

Inirv (USA) – Connected devices that make any kitchen smart
Inirv is building IoT devices that make existing kitchens smart in the fastest, most affordable way. Inirv’s first product makes any gas or electric stove smart through smart knobs that can automatically adjust burner temperature based on a variety of inputs. This opens up the opportunity for cooking automation, data collection and a deeper understanding of consumer behavior around home cooking and safety.

aimee (USA) – Make any refrigerator smart
The average smart refrigerator is quite expensive. For a fraction of the price, the aimee IoT device attaches to any refrigerator in minutes and allows users to automatically reorder groceries, be notified on expiring foods to reduce waste, see recipes based on what’s inside the unit, and see what’s inside the refrigerator while users are at the grocery store.

You can find further press materials from the press conference at the Newsroom: Find out the latest about BSH’s worldwide topics at

About BSH
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, with revenue of some EUR 13.8 billion in 2017 and more than 61,800 employees, is a global leader in the home appliance sector. BSH manufactures its products at around 40 factories and is represented by nearly 80 companies in approximately 50 countries. BSH is a Bosch Group company.

About Techstars
Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Techstars founders connect with other entrepreneurs, experts, mentors, alumni, investors, community leaders, and corporations to grow their companies. Techstars operates three divisions: Techstars Startup Programs, Techstars Mentorship-Driven Accelerator Programs, and Techstars Corporate Innovation Partnerships. Techstars accelerator portfolio includes more than 1,600 companies with a market cap of $18.2 Billion. 


Debbie Ehrman
Finn Partners
Phone: 310-882-4016

Julia Henry
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
Head of Corporate Press, Public Relations
Phone: +49 (0)89 4590-5814

Ali Donnermeyer
Marketing Manager Accelerator Programs
Phone: +001 603.498.5965


SEngine Precision Medicine Announces Pulitzer Prize Winner and Pioneering Oncologist Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee to Join Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Mukherjee will take an active role in providing strategic guidance and direction to SEngine Precision Medicine’s leading-edge advancements in precision oncology

SEATTLE, Feb. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SEngine Precision Medicine, a biotech startup redefining how cancer is managed and accelerating life-saving discoveries through the promise of precision oncology, today welcomed Siddhartha Mukherjee M.D., Ph.D., to the SEngine Precision Medicine Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Mukherjee is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. The work was recently produced by Ken Burns as a PBS documentary series. Dr. Mukherjee is also an Assistant Professor of Medicine and leading cancer researcher with a laboratory at Columbia University.  

“SEngine’s technology deciphers the most potentially effective treatment for cancer patients by testing which of hundreds of drugs and unique drug combinations using patient-derived organoids are the most successful at killing the patient’s cancer,” Dr. Mukherjee remarked. “By testing on a patient’s tumor outside their body–versus giving the drug directly to the patient–SEngine’s approach promises to provide crucial information on treatment choices to a patient’s oncologist. This information will spare the patient from taking unnecessary drugs, sparing them side effects that may not help with one’s cancer. SEngine’s technology also creates a powerful platform to advance and discover new drugs, ultimately helping to save thousands of other cancer patients.”

SEngine Precision Medicine has the first and only lab in the United States to earn Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certification for a high-throughput, high-complexity test for all solid tumors. The test is named P.A.R.I.S.®, an analogy with Paris who defeated the Greek hero Achilles by precisely targeting his only weakness. The CLIA certification enables reporting to oncologists on the results of the test for treatment decisions.

“Dr. Mukherjee shares our vision of a future when every individual cancer patient receives the personalized treatment that is tailored and proven effective for their specific cancer cells,” said Dr. Carla Grandori, SEngine Precision Medicine Founder and CEO. “We’re proud to have Dr. Mukherjee, a forethinker, extraordinary communicator and esteemed leader in cancer, join our effort. Connecting patients to the right treatments with novel diagnostics will disrupt cancer management, and I believe that Siddhartha’s voice will help catalyze this change and guide SEngine on the right path of clinical validation.”

SEngine Precision Medicine also recently announced the addition of Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Lee Hartwell to the Board of Directors, a pioneer to propose synthetic lethality for cancer treatments and former Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center President. A cumulative investment of $8.2MM in the Seattle-based startup’s financing efforts includes a recent $3MM investment. SEngine will use the funds to apply the P.A.R.I.S.® test to clinical trials and advance its proprietary portfolio of targeted cancer drugs aimed at cancer vulnerabilities.

ABOUT SENGINE PRECISION MEDICINE: Founded in 2015, SEngine Precision Medicine is a privately-held biotech startup based in Seattle, WA and founded to identify and develop the next generation of cancer targeted drugs. Discover more at and follow the latest news from SEngine on Twitter at @SEngineMedicine and on LinkedIn.


CONTACT: Eric Schudiske
SEngine Precision Medicine 

RANK Software Ends 2018 with 111 Percent Revenue Growth

AI Cybersecurity Platform Provider Added Key Customers, Expanded Market Coverage, and Grew Platform Capabilities

TORONTO, Jan. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RANK Software, an AI-based security analytics and threat intelligence platform, today announced it ended 2018 with record revenue growth of 111 percent. This growth was fueled by new customers like Swisscom and PostMedia network along with key additions to the executive leadership team, new partnerships, and delivering new platform capabilities to keep pace with today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats.

“Our performance last year, including record revenue growth, customer wins, and an expanding partner ecosystem, is directly attributed the efforts of the entire RANK team in working to solve customers’ most pressing cybersecurity challenges,” said Rick Costanzo, CEO RANK Software. “The VASA Platform uses AI to address two major customer challenges. The growing numbers of increasingly complex cyber attacks and the shortage of cybersecurity skills in the market to combat them.” 

With customer Proofs of Concept at an all-time high, key customer wins last year include Postmedia Network, the Canadian news media company representing more than 140 brands across multiple print, online, and mobile platforms, and Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecommunications company.

RANK added key partners in the Middle East and Europe and expanded agreements with existing partners in the Americas including LTI, Happiest Minds, and Syner Solutions.

RANK also announced collaboration in cybersecurity research with the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, a global leader in mathematics research hosted by the University of Toronto. The flagship project of this new partnership between RANK Software and the Institute’s new Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling (Fields-CQAM) will focus on using machine learning to develop and improve cybersecurity detection mechanisms.

Significant VASA enhancements include the integration of Mitre’s Cyber Analytic Repository (CARs) and open source Sigma project dramatically increases the speed at which typical attacks are identified and prevented. CARs includes a growing list of known threat and malicious techniques previously observed on other enterprise networks. Sigma consists of a set of open source tools to help security analysts develop and share custom threat detection methods. Once developed, these methods and tools are shared across the community for everyone’s benefit.

The new enhancements to RANK’s VASA platform update users with CARs and Sigma information to provide immediate benefit to security analysts by eliminating the need to manually develop the means to identify and prevent known types of attacks.

VASA helps identify and prevent security threats in real-time by ingesting data from network sources and identifying anomalies for security analysts to review. VASA addresses the challenges of identifying internal and unknown threats commonly missed today by perimeter defense systems through:

•    Active Learning. RANK Software helps reduce the false positives generated by most AI tools by recoding analyst feedback and allowing them to apply an action to similar alerts. This makes the VASA platform smarter over time allowing security analysts to become more efficient.
•    Enterprise Scale. RANK Software ingests data from over 40 sources out of the box including System Network Traffic and End Point log files. It is capable of handling more than 1 billion events a day at 10+ gigabits per second.
•    Contextualization. RANK Software builds on the results of AI, machine learning, and behavioral analytics by making the data more consumable and understanding risk thresholds based on context. This helps assemble and interpret the signals needed to hunt and assess threats faster and with high precision.
•    Flexible Architecture.  On the cloud or on-premise, RANK Software provides unparalleled context and visibility into potential breaches. 

About RANK Software
RANK Software is a leader in security intelligence and analytics. The company’s first product, VASA, is an AI-based threat detection platform that helps enterprises identify and analyze cybersecurity threats in real time, allowing them to take a proactive security posture in the rapidly changing cyber threat landscape. For more information, please visit

Media Contact
Jeff Gadway
Galvanize Worldwide

Netherlands-based Bridge2Food joins forces with Inventures, Canada’s international innovation conference

Calgary, Alberta, Jan. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — International food networking company Bridge2Food is joining forces with Inventures, a global innovation conference held in Calgary, Canada, June 5 to 7. Inventures, brings together the brightest ideas in emerging technologies that are transforming economies, industries and communities across the globe. 

Conference speakers include Temple Grandin and Clearbanc co-founder Michele Romanow. 

“Alberta has tremendous opportunities to tap into the soaring market of plant-based foods from an ingredient perspective and manufacturing perspective,” said Gerard Klein Essink, Founder and CEO of Bridge2Food. “Foreign companies will experience a fantastic climate for business and investment.”

The Bridge2Food 12th Protein Summit 2019 runs June 3-5 in Calgary and focuses on consumer insights, retail and food service trends, and brand innovations.  Bridge2Food also hosts part of the Summit in Saskatoon at the end of May.
“Alberta Innovates is seizing the opportunity to demonstrate what Alberta has to offer companies from around the world,” says Steve Price, Executive Director, Bio-Industrial Innovation. “By joining forces with the 12th Protein Summit 2019, we have an opportunity to showcase Alberta’s agricultural sector to a global audience.”

Alberta has one of the world’s most productive agricultural economies with more than 30 per cent of the total farm area in Canada.  Major crops include wheat, barley and canola, and the province is one of Canada’s largest potato producers.
Pulse crops are also key. Canada exports pulse crops worth about CDN $4 billion annually to more than 130 countries, and one-third of Canada’s pea crop comes from Alberta.
To help the agriculture sector to continue to advance, Alberta Innovates develops crop varieties that resist biotic stresses like plant disease and abiotic stresses like drought and cold. The organization also works with innovators to manage an online system called BRIMS that provides comprehensive biomass, ecosystem services, and land-use data to support management and investment decisions in the sector.

Innovators who work in the agriculture sector are invited to participate in an international pitch competition that is awarding CDN$10,000 to successful projects. Applying to the pitch competition is free, and submissions are due March 15.

Learn more and purchase tickets at the early bird price of CDN $399:

Alberta Innovates invests in research, innovation and entrepreneurship to drive provincial economic growth and diversity. The organization provides technical expertise, entrepreneurial advice and support, opportunities for partnerships, and funding to advance the best ideas.

Bridge2Food is an international food industry networking company based in The Netherlands. Its key strength is the development of specialist platforms for the food industry. Bridge2Food operates in the international food sector and organises a range of food industry summits for senior managers of food manufacturing companies in Europe, the USA and Asia.


CONTACT: Dwayne Brunner
Alberta Innovates

Launch of CEO on Demand, a technological revolution in business coaching for entrepreneurs!

MONTREAL, Jan. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CEO On DemandTM officially launched its services on December 1, 2018. Founded by Luc Brousseau, CEO On DemandTM was specially created to help Quebec entrepreneurs and new startups. The business relies on a network of seasoned CEOs, expert creators and business builders and provides local startups with a wide array of comprehensive business guidance and coaching services, ranging from business plan and commercialization to investor presentations. In real terms, CEOs work closely with entrepreneurs to help them build their business. Startups have 24/7 access to their coach via innovative technological solutions and follow a business model that is customized to their needs.

“Our goal is to teach entrepreneurs how to build a successful business as effectively as possible,” says founder and president Luc Brosseau. “Local entrepreneurs have confided in us about their need for a more dynamic and hands-on approach in developing their business. We have therefore developed a range of services inspired by best practices and added a technological component in order to be available 24/7 over the course of almost a full year. This allows us to intervene more effectively, thereby allowing startups to grow faster and stronger.”

In Canada in 2018, only 1% of the thousands of startups that requested venture capital investments were successful in obtaining the necessary funding. For the experts of CEO on DemandTM, the current mentorship, business incubator, and growth accelerator structure does not fulfill the needs of young startups. As a result, the business has made it its mission to find the best, motivated CEOs who are passionate about sharing their know-how. It then developed a unique support methodology that is both effective and efficient.

“We are very excited about the services provided by CEO on DemandTM,” said Guillaume and Philippe, cofounders of the MovingWaldo startup. “For the first time, we have access to a coach who teaches us tangible skills and encourages us to move forward. Our business is growing by leaps and bounds and we are constantly in touch with our coach. It’s like having a new team member, with experience to boot. It’s very stimulating!”

“We are looking to recruit 30 startups within the next 18 months. We are motivated by the desire to share with young Quebec entrepreneurs the know-how that was passed down to us in the past, and which remains our driving force today. However, we wish to provide more than advice; we want to get involved in the decisions and work with entrepreneurs to launch them towards success,” says Luc Brousseau.

For more information:

Luc Brousseau
Founder and President

Inventures 2019 Announces International Pitch Competition

Funding, coaching and profile available for innovators from around the world

Calgary, Alberta, Jan. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CALGARY – Alberta Innovates is seeking innovators to participate in an international pitch competition as part of Inventures 2019. Last year, the event represented the single largest source of venture capital in Canada.

Inventures is a global innovation conference in Calgary, Alberta, held June 5-7. It brings together the brightest ideas in emerging technologies that are transforming economies, industries and communities across the globe. 

“Inventures is a great opportunity to attract leading start-ups to Alberta, showcase the outstanding support that Alberta provides to innovators, and help local entrepreneurs connect with a global ecosystem of peers,” said Alberta Innovates CEO Laura Kilcrease. “This event gives top innovators from around the world a jump-start to success, right here in Alberta. It erases the boundaries between innovators and investors, helping to open doors and to open minds.” 

Six pitch competition winners receive $10,000 in funding, free registration, and access to professional coaching. They will get exposure to funding organizations, including members of the National Angel Capital Organization, representing over 40 networks comprised of over 3000 Angel investors across Canada. 

Another terrific addition to this year’s event is keynote speaker Michele Romanow, a prolific angel investor and panellist on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Romanow started five companies before her 33rd birthday and is co-founder of Clearbanc, which gave entrepreneurs more than $100 million in funding in 2018. She is the only Canadian on Forbes’ ‘Millennial on a Mission’ list. 

There are six categories for pitch session submissions: Building Smarter Cities, Blockchain Breakthroughs, Integrating the Artificial Mind, Feeding a Hungry Planet, Health Systems for a Global Village and Greening a Blue Planet.
Applying to the pitch competition is free, and submissions are due March 15. In 2018, 32 finalists were selected to pitch, and have continued to advance their companies. For example, Sugar Logix has added staff and went on to receive the Nikkei pitch award at AG/SUM Agritech summit in Tokyo.

Alberta is working to attract innovators and provides strong supports to start-ups. Innovators operating in Alberta are eligible for funding and tax credits, as well as supports from organizations like the Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance, Innovate Calgary and TEC Edmonton, one of the world’s top incubators.
Innovators can learn more, apply for the start-up pitch event and purchase tickets at the early bird price of $399 here:


CONTACT: Dwayne Brunner
Alberta Innovates

Mass Innovation Nights Partners with Workbar for Startup Showcase at Newly Opened Burlington Location

BURLINGTON, Mass., Jan. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mass Innovation Nights (MIN), Massachusetts’ leading new product showcase, is partnering with Workbar for Mass Innovation Nights #118. The event will feature 10 innovative startups, and will take place on Thursday, January 17, 2019 from 6:00PM to 8:30PM at Workbar’s newest location in Burlington, MA. The event is free and open to the public.

“As Boston’s original coworking space, Workbar has always focused on startups and bringing innovative minds together, so hosting a Mass Innovation Nights event is a great way to show the innovation community what we offer,” said Sarah Travers, CEO of Workbar.  

“By working with partners like Workbar, we create visibility opportunities and increase awareness for local startups, as well as help everyone discover resources they can tap into for their own businesses,” said Bobbie Carlton, founder of Innovation Nights. “This new location is a great reminder that coworking options are available in the suburbs too.”

Mass Innovation Nights events feature business experts, networking, tabletop demos and presentations from local startups. Participating startups this month include:

Various business experts, including Workbar’s CEO, Sarah Travers, will be on hand to share their knowledge with attendees. Guests are encouraged to use #MIN118 and Twitter handle @MassInno to share photos and social media commentary.

About Workbar
With 10 Workbar locations in and around Boston as well as 10 partner locations, both in urban and suburban settings, Workbar gives you the option to choose where you work each day. Each workspace features state-of-the-art private offices, coworking space, and enterprise office suites built to reinvigorate and inspire everyone who walks through their doors in order to make the most of the workday. 

About Mass Innovation Nights
Mass Innovation Nights offers an opportunity for people interested in innovative new products to connect live and online. Over the past nine years, it has helped launch more than 1,200 new products, which have collectively received more than $3 billion in funding. Follow MIN on Instagram and Twitter or visit the website.

Media Contact: Kristen Avini 510-221-8122 Innovation Nights

Kadima.Ventures Appoints Todd Altomare as its Executive Vice President, Strategic Relations

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kadima.Ventures, a transformative collaboration of companies that offers resources to early-stage startups and legacy companies to evolve ideas into advanced technologies, announced today that the company has hired Certified Financial Planner Todd Altomare as its new EVP, Strategic Relations. This appointment represents a key acquisition in the continued expansion of Kadima, as the company looks to further enhance its offering to its growing client portfolio.

Mr. Altomare brings more than 25 years of expertise in investor connectivity and cash management, as demonstrated in his previous role where he served as Senior Relationship Manager at Vanguard, overseeing book of business across 150 Ultra High Net Worth client groups representing $16 billion in total assets.  Previously, Todd acted as Senior Director of Client Services for Fidelity Family Office Services, where he integrated the Fidelity suite of wealth management services to family office clients and their advisors.

“Todd is a forward-thinking leader, and his financial proficiency aligns perfectly with the ongoing Kadima mission to deliver customized, compliant financial solutions for our emerging and legacy partners,” said Tim Wales, CEO and Co-founder of Kadima. “With Initial Coin Offerings and token crowd sales happening on a daily basis, we’ve recognized a fundamental shift in the way early stage investing is being conducted.  Todd will provide the stability and guidance needed to ensure the success of our partners.”

Mr. Altomare had this to say about his new appointment, “I’m extremely excited to become a part of the Kadima team.  The infectious energy that fuels the organization’s pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive its mission to support and propel startups to successful exits. Kadima never stops pushing the emergence of new funding and investment options, and I look forward to customizing and maximizing those solutions for our clients.”

About Kadima.Ventures
Kadima.Ventures is a highly developed collaboration of companies that offers resources to early stage startups, and also supports legacy companies by enabling them to transform ideas and concepts into advanced technologies, products, and services.  Kadima means ‘Forward’ – as forward-thinking industry leaders, we leverage the latest technology advances to deliver exponential growth and exits for our partners.  Our proven model provides a sustained support system for our clients:  Kadima.Technology: an advanced R&D lab for product development and release of new technologies such as blockchain; Kadima.Consulting: which enables access to specialized project resources by tapping into Kadima’s expansive partner network; Kadima.Marketing: a comprehensive design, marketing, and advertising agency; Kadima.Services: a full service software development and hosting firm. Kadima.Foundation:  Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to supporting startups and entrepreneurs utilizing the full Kadima portfolio of resources.

Kadima.Ventures is headquartered in Chandler, AZ.  Learn more at, or Connect on Twitter and Facebook.

Media Contact:
Isaac Valenzuela
Mobile: 480.206.0804

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

Kevin Kumler Joins Laudio Board of Directors

Industry veteran to help scale global operations

Boston, MA, Nov. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Laudio, the leading Staff Relationship Management platform for health systems, today announced the appointment of Mr. Kevin Kumler, current President of Health Systems at Zocdoc, to its Board of Directors.

Kevin brings to Laudio an entrepreneurial spirit and twenty years of healthcare industry knowledge which will help Laudio scale its operations both in the US and globally.

Prior to his role as President of Health Systems, Kevin led Zocdoc’s local sales team helping the company expand its footprint nationwide. Prior to ZocDoc, Kevin spent ten years at McKinsey & Company, working with large health systems and insurance companies in the United States, United Kingdom and India.  Kevin also has worked in business development and strategy at Mount Carmel Health, part of the Trinity Health System in Columbus, Ohio.

“Kevin Kumler is a thoughtful, experienced leader with significant operating experience in high growth companies,” said Russ Richmond, MD CEO of Laudio. “Kevin’s expertise, especially in driving customer growth and satisfaction, will help Laudio to solve staff burnout in healthcare.  We are excited for Kevin to join the team.”

“For the health system executives I work with, staff burnout has become a top 3 issue, impacting care quality, financial strength and the patient experience. Laudio is unique in its ability to reduce staff burnout while saving frontline managers thousands of hours of time, each year.  As employee engagement becomes even more mission-critical in today’s low-unemployment environment, every health system will need a platform like Laudio.  I look forward to helping the company scale both in the US and globally”, said Mr. Kumler.

About Laudio

Laudio is healthcare’s first Staff Relationship Management platform. Developed to reduce employee burnout, Laudio helps frontline managers make more frequent, timely, and relevant interactions with each staff member. The Laudio platform also digitizes workflows to save the manager time and to drive best practices across teams, which results in stronger staff engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Laudio drives superior culture while allowing health systems to generate >15:1 ROI by retaining staff and avoiding replacement costs, contract labor, and overtime expense. For more information, please visit

CONTACT: Tom De Santes