Dr. Feng Han of Elastos to Speak at CryptoCon 2018

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dr. Feng Han, an influential leader in the Chinese blockchain sector,
was invited to speak at the CryptoCon 2018 conference in Chicago on
February 15, 2018. He is the sole Chinese blockchain representative
among more than 50 conference speakers from around the world. Dr. Han
will be speaking about blockchain in China as well as the successful
development, use cases and future prospects of Elastos.

Elastos is a decentralized, open source, blockchain-driven platform for
running decentralized applications and turning digital content into
transferable assets. Elastos has received more than 200 million RMB (US
$31 million) in sponsorship from industry giants such as Foxconn,
Tsinghua Science Park, and the TD-SCDMA Industrial Alliance. Elastos has
published over ten million lines of source code, including four million
lines of original source code.

Elastos completed public chain research and development in December
2017. As one of the few blockchain projects with an open-source
independent public chain, Elastos has received global media attention
from People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Yahoo! and several well-known
U.S. technology magazines.

Elastos has obtained angel investments from China’s largest blockchain
companies, including Bitmain (China’s largest blockchain mining
company), NEO (China’s largest crypto-project by market cap), and Huobi
(one of the three largest digital exchanges in China). The ELA token,
which is the intrinsic token of the Elastos blockchain and used for
trading, investing in digital assets, paying processing fees, etc., is
listed on the Huobi exchange with a current total market value of more
than US $1.7 billion.

Dr. Han is currently a visiting scholar at Columbia University. He was a
developer and an instructor of Tsinghua University’s graduate course
series, “Cyber Intelligence Economics and Block Chain.” He also serves
as blockchain advisor at Huawei Central Institute and Secretary-general
of the Asia Blockchain DACA Association. He is the chief editor for “The
New Economic Roadmap and Introduction to the Blockchain” and “Blockchain
Development and Examples” as well as the main author of “Blockchain –
Quantum Wealth Outlook.”

FinTank’s CryptoCon 2018 cryptocurrency conference will be held on
February 15, 2018 at Northwestern University’s Chicago campus. Topics at
the conference will include ICOs, bitcoin mining, the socio-political
aspects of cryptocurrency, futures trading, and cryptocurrency
exchanges, as well as the legal, regulatory and taxation issues
surrounding cryptocurrency.


Ben Percifield