Frame Launches Customer Conversation Assistance for Slack

Now customer-facing teams can collaborate with customers the same way
they do with their teams.

the conversational assistance company, today announced Frame for Slack
to help companies collaborate effectively with customers using the same
tools they use to collaborate internally.

Frame for Slack is a conversation assistant that creates invisible
structure within long-running conversations, filling the gap between
freeform chat traditional ticketing systems. Just add Frame to any
channel where you speak with customers to get enhanced attention
management, visibility, and data synchronization. Here’s how it works:

– Frame monitors important channels so you don’t have to. On-call
schedules and inactivity warnings keep the team organized while away
messages manage customer expectations.

– Conversational analytics including a real-time awareness dashboard,
historical investigation tool, and weekly team performance email.

– Automatically pull and share relevant data from CRMs, ticketing
systems like Zendesk, or enhancement tools like Clearbit. Synchronize
transcripts and metadata back to your CRM or into project tools like
Asana. More integrations are on the way.

Frame provides this assistance privately, without distracting your

Meet the Future of Customer Conversations

“Most B2B companies we talk to are already experimenting with Slack as a
more versatile way of connecting to customers,” said Frame CEO George
Davis, “either by joining the customer’s workspace or inviting customers
into their own. It’s not perfect, but it’s an open line of
communications between teams that’s fast, easy, and versatile. The more
you try working so closely with customers, the more the old ways feel
stiff, slow, and overly formal. Inevitably, teams realize they should be
collaborating with their customers the same way they collaborate with
their teams.”

“Frame is by our side as we explore the space and how far we can push
this mode of operating with clients,” said Simon Data integrations
engineering manager Cody Schwarz. “Ideally, Slack is something we can
use as a differentiator for the long haul, and Frame sets us up to have
that option.”

Frame for Slack is available today. To add it to your Slack team, visit

About Frame

Frame brings the right people, process, and tools together to help
companies have superpowered conversations with their customers. Customer
collaboration is the new secret of customer success. Customer
collaboration is the new secret of customer success. Working closely
with customers and optimizing conversations is how successful companies
will anticipate their customers’ needs, build stronger relationships,
and ultimately increase revenue. Based in New York, NY, Frame is a
venture-backed company led by Co-Founder/CEO George Davis. Learn more at


Robbie Mitchell