iProov Launches Brand New Cross-Platform Biometric: Palm Verifier

Contactless, device independent authentication offers new choice to

a leading provider of biometric authentication technology and genuine
presence assurance, today announces the launch of its Palm Verifier
product at Finovate Europe 2019.

For the very first time, users will be able to use palm verification on
any of their personal devices, either as a standalone mode of
authentication or as an additional authentication factor, with strong
assurance of genuine presence.

The launch provides a new choice for consumers, employees and
enterprises, enabling them to select the secure, device-independent
biometric they prefer. For example, users can authenticate themselves
using Palm Verifier when conducting high value transactions, attempting
to access personal information like medical records, using remote ATMs
or gaining physical access to unsupervised remote sites.

Users simply hover their palm above their device and Palm Verifier will
authenticate them in under 5 seconds. The process is fast, flexible and
hygienic and is also exceptionally easy, intuitive and inclusive to use.

For certain users and in a number of cultures, face verification is
neither a preferred nor an accessible mode of authentication. For these
users, Palm Verifier will deliver an anonymous, easy, yet highly secure
authentication experience that can be used in all light conditions.
Unlike faces, palm prints are not shared on social media or stored in
government records therefore do not provide traceable clues back to the
identity of the user. This means for some users; Palm Verifier’s key
benefit is its anonymity.

Palm Verifier is protected by the genuine presence assurance
capabilities of iProov’s patented Flashmark technology. As recently
endorsed by the UK National Physical Laboratory (NPL), iProov’s
Flashmark-based one-time biometrics uniquely protect against spoof and
replay attacks. Replay attacks, arising from social engineering and
malware, are a particular hazard to consumers.

iProov Face Verifier has already been comprehensively proven in field
and laboratory tests to be strongly resistant to the full range of spoof
attacks, including 3D solid artefacts. Palm Verifier has the same strong
Genuine Presence Assurance, whilst awaiting scale testing of solid
artefacts which pose a low hazard thanks to the anonymity of palms.

Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO of iProov, said, Our mission is
to create a safe and secure digital environment, in which users feel
protected and organisations can trust in the genuine presence of their
remote customer.

Palm authentication is an exciting new way to establish trust in
digital interaction and support diverse user preferences. Palm Verifier
is more than just a great technology innovation, it provides customers
with more freedom to choose their method of authentication whilst
assuring the genuine presence of their online identity.


About iProov

Founded in 2011 by CEO Andrew Bud, iProov is a world leader in
spoof-resistant, biometric facial verification technology. Its
technology is used by banks and governments around the world for secure
customer onboarding, logon and authentication, to ensure new and
returning users are genuine and to guard them against fraudulent
attempts to gain access to personal data or use a stolen identity. For
more information, please see www.iproov.com


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