IT Survey: 95 Percent Believe End User Computing is Driving Need for Greater Workforce Visibility

Survey Reveals Executive Insights about 2016 Business Transformation

, the industry’s leader in providing End
User Experience Management
(EUEM) solutions for any application
running on physical, virtual, and mobile devices, today revealed the
results of its 2016
Business Transformation & User Experience Trends Survey
. More
than 200 C-level executives, IT directors, and IT managers shared their
insights about what they believe are the driving forces behind current
business transformation initiatives.

Here are the top four survey findings:

  • More than 95 percent of respondents said End User Computing and IT
    convergence are driving the need for better end user (workforce)
    visibility, followed closely by mobile and cloud management.
  • 62 percent said enabling a mobile workforce in 2016 is a business
    critical initiative, compounding the need for greater workforce
    visibility. See infographic here
    demonstrating the impact IT convergence has on the end user.
  • The primary factor driving the need to improve visibility within an
    organization is to gain a holistic view of the customer experience.
  • The majority of survey respondents said if they could improve their
    current monitoring toolset in 2016, they would opt to improve their
    EUEM capabilities.

Additionally, the 2016 Business Transformation & User Experience Trends
Survey revealed that the biggest cause of frustration when addressing
workforce productivity issues is determining the source of a performance
issue. Survey respondents said up to 90 percent of the time spent
addressing an end user’s complaint is consumed trying to figure out what
the issue is rather than solving it or preventing it.

Download the survey results here:

About Aternity

For nine years, Aternity
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dramatically reduce business disruptions and increase workforce

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