Migration an Increasingly Decisive Issue for Davos’ Globalization 4.0

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/citizenship?src=hash” target=”_blank”gt;#citizenshiplt;/agt;–Migration is the central issue in world affairs and will increasingly
shape key matters on the World Economic Forum’s “Globalization 4.0”
agenda, according to the 2019 Henley
Passport Index and Global Mobility Report
, published by global
residence and citizenship advisory firm Henley
& Partners

The report – which offers cutting-edge analysis by 16 leading scholars
and professional experts on current global mobility trends, including
the significant divide created by war, climate change, economic
inequality, and political instability – is released just a week before
Henley & Partners’ attendance at Davos.

Taking part in two key panels at the annual gathering, Dr.
Christian H. Kälin
, Group Chairman of Henley
& Partners
says that the impact of migration on geopolitical
affairs cannot be overstated. “Migration is both a cause and a
consequence of almost every issue of global importance, and it will only
become more central, as globalization deepens even further and its
effects entrench themselves.”

Henley & Partners will host two multi-stakeholder panels at Davos,
bringing together heads and ministers of several governments and leading
academics and industry experts, including the Prime Minister of Antigua
& Barbuda, the Finance Minister of Malta, and the Chairman of the
Investment Migration Council. The first discussion will be co-hosted
with Ledgerstate, a group of blockchain and decentralizing technology
experts. ‘Global Citizenship, Blockchain, and Digital Government’ will
explore how digital technologies are transforming governments and
citizenship, as well as the need for global citizens and their societies
to create a sustainable legacy of greater sovereignty and cooperation.

The second panel will focus on ‘Investment Migration: Sovereign Equity
versus Sovereign Debt’ and examine how governments can create
economic freedom and security by harnessing investment migration options.

Dr. Kälin says the agenda set for Davos clearly demonstrates the need to
overhaul current thinking on globalization, its proliferating effects,
and the imbalances it has created. “Our discussion will explore the
shared responsibility to define a new world order, break the shackles of
systemic debt burdens, and enable new opportunities for growth.”

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