More4Apps to Join the Cloud

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More4Apps, the NZ-based software integration specialist known for its
Excel based Oracle EBS integration tools, has confirmed it will be
building product for Cloud ERP. “We’re overwhelmed by the number of
customers asking for our solutions to be migrated to the new ERP system,
and that’s driven our strategic commitment to developing Cloud-based
data entry tools,” said Bruce Doig, co-founder and Head of Innovation at
More4Apps. “Already we have a large team working closely with a well
known US fast food restaurant chain to deliver several loaders
integrated with Oracle ERP Cloud.”

As a Gold Partner with Oracle, More4Apps is well positioned to develop a
range of integration tools for the new platform, with an intimate
knowledge of the existing EBS and a close working relationship with a
customer with whom they are collaborating to develop data loaders for
the new SaaS platform. And whilst the capabilities of Cloud ERP are yet
to be fully proven, More4Apps are confident there will be a place for
Independent Software Vendors within the framework of the new system.

“When we canvassed our customers in 2018, we discovered an incredibly
high level of loyalty and support for what we do. Some individuals told
us they wouldn’t want to do their job without us, and many expressed
their gratitude for powerful tools that make a significant impact on
those tasked with data entry, business process management and back
office efficiency,” Bruce explains. “They’re actually anxious about
changing their ERP platform and not being able to take the More4Apps
Wizards with them.”

Oracle themselves have recommended a careful approach to migration to
Cloud ERP, with Oracle’s Cliff Godwin suggesting back in March 2018 that
care should be taken with regard to business-critical customisations and
third-party applications that can not migrate directly to the new
platform. He also indicated that the majority of businesses should look
to a hybrid model with some functionality remaining within On-Premises
platforms and other activity being better suited to the SaaS environment.

More4Apps remain committed to the large install base of Oracle EBS
users, with strategies in place to support those organizations using or
considering using More4Apps on E-Business Suite, as well as those
contemplating a move to Cloud. The development team are currently
looking to work collaboratively with a small group of customers who are
planning to migrate some functionality to the Cloud.
Bruce says,
“We envision our existing and new customers will experience a
smooth transition from one ERP system to the next with minimum
disruption, and we believe we are well placed to partner with customers
as they make their journey towards the Cloud.”
The business expects
to release the first of their new products before Openworld 2019.


Derryn Brenan
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