Redirect Health Launches Affordable Healthcare Plan for Individuals and Families in Maricopa County, Offering Alternative to Troubled Insurance Market

iEverydayCARE™ covers routine health services at $105 per month

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Obamacare–In a move that makes healthcare more accessible for Maricopa County
residents who are shut out of or fed up with traditional insurance,
Redirect Health launched iEverydayCARE™,
a high-quality, high-value healthcare plan with 24/7 logistical support
to help people navigate the system.

“We have created a solution that transforms today’s flawed healthcare
industry and gives people real healthcare at an affordable price,” said
Dr. David Berg, co-founder of Redirect
, a national healthcare company based in Scottsdale, Ariz. “At
just $105 a month, iEverydayCARE isn’t health insurance – it’s
healthcare for people who are priced out of insurance and for those who
are tired of paying more each year for fewer and fewer benefits.”

The 2017 collapse of Arizona’s individual health insurance market
coupled with the escalating cost of health insurance have put affordable
coverage out of reach for hundreds of thousands of people. Meanwhile,
businesses that offer health benefits are passing more of the costs on
to their staff, forcing many to opt out of company plans because they
can’t afford high deductibles, high copays and increasing monthly

“Even those who do buy insurance are afraid to use it unless there’s a
catastrophe, so they suffer through the flu, a sprained ankle or back
pain to avoid the cost of the deductible or copay,” added Berg.

At a monthly cost of $105 per person, or $300 per family – and with no
deductible and $0 copay – iEverydayCARE is a new, healthcare-first
product that addresses routine health needs and provides:

  • 24/7 access to care logistics specialists to address immediate health
  • Unlimited primary care, chiropractic, preventive visits, labs and
  • Access to Redirect Health’s five accredited centers in Glendale,
    Surprise/Sun City, Scottsdale, Chandler and Gilbert
  • Integration of primary care, preventive care, chiropractic, and 24/7
    concierge support
  • Quick and easy enrollment at
  • Enrollment or cancelation at any time
  • Sixty-day money-back guarantee
  • A healthcare-first model that eliminates the waste and administration
    built into traditional health insurance

If iEverydayCARE plan members are sick or injured, they call Redirect
Health’s care logistics team 24/7, in English or Spanish, to speak with
a specialist who quickly assesses healthcare needs and arranges for them
to get care. The plan provides treatment for common health conditions
such as sinusitis, flu, coughs and colds, conjunctivitis, back pain and
other injuries.

When members need hospital, specialist or other non-routine healthcare,
the care logistics team negotiates costs, arranges front-of-the-line
privileges to cut down on wait times, briefs providers on members’
health issues in advance, and walks members through the entire process.
Likewise, the company makes sure members get fair prices on prescription

“Insurance is complex and expensive. iEverydayCARE is the exact
opposite. It restores control over the system, gives people peace of
mind, and provides a much more satisfying healthcare experience,” said

Redirect Health was founded in 2013 to help employers build affordable,
high-quality healthcare plans using a self-insurance model. The
company’s healthcare-first approach eliminates the waste, excess and
inflated pricing of traditional health insurance while providing real,
quality healthcare. The model allows employers of all sizes to cut
healthcare expenses, build quality benefits packages and gain a
competitive edge in attracting top talent. At the same time, Redirect
Health’s concierge-style care logistics team helps members access the
care they need, creating a much simpler, more convenient and more
satisfying experience.

Redirect Health has expanded to 28 states and enjoys near-perfect client
retention. The company is now piloting iEverydayCARE in Maricopa County
to improve access to healthcare for individuals and families. Plans for
national expansion are underway.

To learn more about Redirect Health’s iEverydayCARE as well as its line
of employer health plans, contact (888) 995-4945 or

About Redirect Health

Founded in 2013, Redirect Health helps entrepreneurial businesses and
their brokers build affordable healthcare plans using a partial
self-insurance model. All solutions reduce waste and administration
costs associated with many traditional health insurance plans, and
enhance the employee’s healthcare experience. The company uses a process
that quickly identifies the most cost-efficient route to address
healthcare needs, enabling employers to significantly cut costs, save
time and reinvest their savings back into their businesses. More at


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