Trice Imaging – cloud-based medical imaging solutions provider

GE Healthcare partners with Trice Imaging, Inc. to take ultrasound
image management to the cloud

GE Healthcare and Trice Imaging, Inc., a cloud-based medical imaging
solutions provider, today announced a commercial partnership to provide
a new way for clinicians to connect with their colleagues and patients.
This solution – called Tricefy™ – adds cloud-based image sharing,
diagnostic collaboration, remote reviewing, archiving and Electronic
Health Record (EHR) integration to GE Healthcare’s Ultrasound Women’s
Health product portfolio. The system, available today in certain
countries and regions, enables collaboration among physicians through
one-click ultrasound sharing and secure archiving.1
Trice Imaging - cloud-based medical imaging solutions provider

“With clinicians and patients increasingly demanding seamless access to
medical imaging, we’re committed to providing simple solutions that are
not only clinically intuitive, but also make the care process more
fluent,” commented Roland Rott, General Manager of Women’s Health
Ultrasound for GE Healthcare. “The Tricefy solution does just that, as
it meets a growing need by clinicians to collaborate with remote
colleagues and share examination results with patients.”

Tricefy seamlessly integrates with GE Healthcare’s Women’s Health
ultrasound offerings – including today the Voluson E series product line
and ViewPoint 6 reporting software – and will ultimately align with GE
Health Cloud. Tricefy improves the clinical and patient experience in
several ways:

  • CLINICIANS can now access images and reports from anywhere, and
    remotely collaborate with other physicians via cost-efficient, secured
  • HOSPITALS can see economic benefits as well, given that Tricefyintegrates into existing PACS Systems, saving on implementation
    costs. In addition, the solution eliminates the need for DVDs or thumb
  • Receiving their baby’s first images is among the most exciting moments
    for expectant parents. With Tricefy, PATIENTS will receive high
    quality images, videos and reports easily and directly on their
    phones/emails during the course of a routine ultrasound exam.

“Tricefy is an invaluable tool for me, for my colleagues, and for
patients,” added Dr. Greggory DeVore, Specialist in Maternal Fetal
Medicine in Pasadena, California. “Within moments, I can consult
with a referral source or send the images to remote pediatric colleagues
and cardiologists prior to meeting with the patient when it comes to
congenital heart defects or other similar issues. Tricefy is a powerful
research tool when collaborating with other institutions in which DICOM
images and clips are exchanged for evaluation. I can also provide images
via mobile phone or tablet to my patients almost instantaneously.”

“We are honored that GE Healthcare has chosen Trice as its partner
to further accelerate the Company’s cloud-enabled healthcare
initiative,” said Asa Nordgren, CEO and Co-founder of Trice Imaging.
“The integration of Tricefy on GE Healthcare’s exceptional devices, as
well as their global presence and renowned sales force, will further
support and accelerate our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art
service to healthcare providers and their patients around the world.
Together with GE Healthcare, we look forward to exploring innovative
ways to connect medical devices to the cloud and providing access to
medical image data anytime, anywhere.”

GE Healthcare and Trice Imaging will debut Tricefy at the 2016
International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology (ISUOG)
World Congress in Rome, Italy on September 25.

About GE Healthcare:

GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and
services to meet the demand for increased access, enhanced quality and
more affordable healthcare around the world. GE Healthcare (GE) works on
things that matter – great people and technologies taking on tough
challenges. From medical imaging, software & IT, patient monitoring and
diagnostics to drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing
technologies and performance improvement solutions GE Healthcare helps
medical professionals deliver great healthcare to their patients.

About Trice Imaging :

Trice Imaging, Inc. is mobilizing medical images with their cloud-based
system Tricefy, making it possible to send scans from any imaging
modality to a mobile device. Physicians can access images and reports
from anywhere and remotely collaborate with other physicians, while
obtaining cost-efficient, secured, backed-up storage. Patients can
immediately receive high-quality images that they can print, store,
publish, share with family and friends, or send to doctors for a second

Trice Imaging’s patented technology was awarded “Best Mobile Innovation
for Health” at the 20th Global Mobile Awards and is currently improving
medical imaging systems and diagnostic software in 15 geographic
markets. The privately held company is headquartered in San Diego,
California, with offices in Stockholm, Sweden, and Munich, Germany. For
more information, visit us at

1 Tricefy is only available in the USA,
Canada, Columbia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany, Great Britain, Spain,
Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Saudi Arabia,
UAE, India, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

Trice Imaging – cloud-based medical imaging solutions provider

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Trice Imaging – cloud-based medical imaging solutions provider