Marfeel – revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize and monetize mobile websites

Marfeel Takes Advantage of the New Protocol HTTP/2 Available on
Amazon CloudFront

Marfeel is pleased to announce the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to maximize
publishers’ mobile experience. Marfeel notably uses Amazon CloudFront, a
Content Delivery Network service, to improve the performance,
reliability, and global reach of its services. With the recent launch of
HTTP/2 on AWS, Marfeel significantly improved its end user experience.
Using the protocol HTTP/2 on Amazon CloudFront has offered them the
possibility to support multiplexing rather than multiple streams to
improve page load times and header compression to enable faster
information exchange.

Marfeel has been serving its customer’s content via HTTP/2 to more than
one billion visits across the globe, resulting in increased optimization
and better page rendering times for customers. Adopting Amazon
CloudFront and its new HTTP/2 feature has allowed Marfeel to improve the
first render time by 17 percent. Marfeel publisher sites now load
consistently at under 0.8 seconds which is a massive step forward for
mobile web speed and more importantly for mobile readers.

“This is where mobile is going,” Marfeel co-founder and CEO Xavi Beumala
explains. “We believe that faster Internet service is the key to an
engaging experience for mobile users, and it’s vital for us to enhance
our own groundbreaking mobile technology with support for innovative
service like Amazon CloudFront. Using Amazon Web Services is part of our
overall business strategy.”

Amazon Web Services CloudFront HTTP/2 support has helped Marfeel
simplify publisher application developments and delivery strategies by
eliminating application logic that is now managed at the network level.
Domain sharing, resource inlining and resource bundling have been
greatly simplified and allowed Marfeel to be more agile while serving
content much faster.

Introducing this Internet milestone highlights Marfeel’s continuing
leadership in the quest to bring faster Internet service to mobile
users. The company was the first to announce a unique mobile solution
compatible with Google AMP earlier this year, followed by immediate
support for Facebook Instant Articles. Marfeel has since been named a
Google Certified Publishing Partner. Working with them as well as with
Amazon Web Services is the demonstration of this startup commitment to its
customers. Indeed, Marfeel is constantly working to improve the page
loads for its customers, providing publishers with significantly faster
page loads, improved mobile performance, and record-breaking
monetization results.

About this startup :

Marfeel is an ad tech platform that revolutionizes the way publishers
create, optimize and monetize mobile websites. Marfeel’s proprietary
technology analyzes publishers’ unique audience—user habits, behavior
and usage patterns—and dynamically adjusts the mobile site layout to
maximize readership, engagement, page views, loading time, and
ultimately ad revenue. this startup’s exclusive partnerships with over 20,000
global ad networks and exchanges ensures top-paying ads from premium
advertisers. Marfeel’s mobile website conversion and monetization
solution has been recognized by Google, forming a strategic partnership
with the search engine. Selected customers include: MensHealth
(FR), National Geographic (FR), Dennis Publishing (US/UK), Elle (MX),
ABC (US) and PopSugar (US). This startup is backed by strategic investors
Nauta Capital, BDMI and Elaia Partners.

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