#Africa SA website testing startup Passmarked launched in open beta


South African startup Passmarked, which offers website owners, users and developers a single and transparent platform to test how well a website works, has come out of open beta and is now ready for tests and collaboration from the global internet community.

Disrupt Africa reported in December 2015 on the private beta launch of Passmarked, which provides a quality score on how well websites work in terms of security, compatibility and code.

Websites are tested according to four criteria: security, compatibility, SEO and performance. Once a test has been run, the system produces a comprehensive report within minutes that details errors, alongside suggested, unbiased fixes.

The platform was formally launched on Product Hunt.com last week, and garnered more than 640 votes from tech enthusiasts from six continents around the world.

“No-one has yet succeeded in pulling together all current known web standards and coding best practices into a single platform in a way that is open, universal and for the community by the community. There is a reason for this – it is hard and takes a vast amount of work and collaboration,” said chief executive officer (CEO) Mark McChlery.

“But this is what is needed in order for all of us to realise Tim Berner-Lee’s vision of the internet as an “open, accessible, universal community”, and in the context of 2018 and beyond, to respond in a meaningful way the enormous current challenges of the internet.”

Passmarked is also launching some new features, including Lighthouse PWA integration, DNS Server Security checks, and availability in all phases or environments of the website building process.

Whereas Passmarked was previously only available to test live websites, it can now also be deployed during the website building and testing process before a website goes live.

“It took our team nearly four years of total dedication and hard work, and a lot of community consultation to build the Passmarked platform. But we are now ready to launch, backed by validation from various credible sources, including top global web standards experts, large corporates and potential investors, and of course users everywhere as we have seen with our successful ProductHunt launch,” said McChlery.

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