#Asia 12 tools to get insights of your competitor’s website


How is your rival doing? Is it undergoing restructuring? Are the employees happy? There are tools to help you find all this info

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Want to enhance your website’s performance? Study the insights of your competitor’s website. I use the following tools to get insights of my competitor’s website.

1. SimilarWeb

Similarweb will help you understand the traffic on a website or app. For example, I would like to understand the traffic on SalesHandy website. Here is what I find out.


The data is not 100 per cent accurate but can give you a good starting point.

It also provides demographic information of traffic visiting TechCrunch & other website/ websites to TechCrunch.


Similar web

2. Owler

Owler will keep you up-to-date about real-time financial and managerial information of organisation with notifications on funding, acquisitions and executive changes. Moreover, you can find the critical details of a company like founders, revenue stats, team members, competitors (their profiles), funding history, revenue history and acquisitions.

I find the owler daily snapshots emails very useful. Here is how it looks like –



3. CrunchBase

You can opt for crunchbase for such information. Crunchbase will help you discover innovative companies, the people behind them and provide you the details on a number of funding rounds  raised.


4. webArchive.org

Webarchive, known as wayback machine, is an Internet archive providing the past looks of 469 billion web pages. So that if you want to check the evolution of a website over time you can directly jump on to webarchive.

WaybackWebarchive will tell you a story where the company started from & how they grew up. Here is Facebook’s the story.


5. Who.is

Who.is brings you the domain data on your finger tips. It provides you the website and website owners information. You can easily get owner’s contact details and physical address, basic traffic data and subdomains of that domain.


6. Builtwith.com

If the a business is software product or online service, all you need to know is technology stack. Builtwith will provide you the technology profile of any online app. One can make sure the web server, email services, nameserver providers, hosting providers, frameworks and what all other technology has been used are the good fit for your usage or not.


7. InsightBee

Insight bee will help you get customised reports as per your company’s requirements. However, this is a paid service and no data is available free of cost.


8. Linkedin

Linkedin will help you get details of an organisation’s top authority and employment details. It will also help you with the number of people working and an overall overview of the company.


9. Google Alerts – a tool for monitoring mentions

As name mentions, Google Alerts will keep you updated on your competitors’ each and every movement on the Internet. I wanted to follow the software discovery industry and here is how I get my reports.

10. What Runs Where

This will help you keep track on your competitors advertisements. You can easily find what ads are running and where they are running. It supports over 40 ad networks across the globe and can alert you on the launch of any new banner or text ad. Adbeat & AdGooroo are some of the similar tools available. 

11. Glassdoor

How is the company doing? Is it undergoing restructuring? Are the employees happy? Glassdoor has feedback of the organisation from its very own employee. And this employee more often than not can give you deep insights.

12. Siftery

Siftery will help you know what products the company uses, or alternatively, look up the products (Zenefits, Campaign Monitor) to see who uses them.

If you are in the SaaS industry, you can get the details of your competitors’ customers and send them a targeted mail to switch to your product. (My suggestion – offer them better discounts and services)



Besides the above, chrome pageRank plugin has come in very handy for me. It gives instant access to many of the above tools – Webarchives, alexa, compete for rank, opensiteexplorer, whois & builtwith of that particular sites.

It will be amazing if you could mention the tools and methods I have missed.


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