#Asia 30 mind-blowing companies you should definitely meet: Part 2


Star light, star bright; I wish I may, I wish I might, find a cool new startup while browsing tonight.

For the record, it's not the same image used for Part 1. Look closely.

For the record, it’s not the same image used for Part 1. Or is it?

Hello friendly readers, I assume that you’re eagerly reading this because you’ve already checked out Part 1; if you haven’t though, no problem – we’ve got Part 1 right here. Enjoy getting your mind blown! (Disclaimer: e27 is not responsible for any mental, emotional, or physical damages that readers may suffer from getting their minds blown.)

Bankers Lab | HQ: USA

Through simulation gaming, active learning, mentoring, and workshops, Bankers Lab helps bankers become, well, better bankers. With simulation and multi-training courses, the company develops the programmes based on the bank’s needs and objectives. They offer training across all experience levels to allow lenders to build their teams from top to bottom. In terms of their presence in Asia, they operate in Dubai, Seoul and Singapore.

MyDoc | HQ: Singapore

Created by doctors, for doctors, MyDoc helps medical professionals and patients to manage their healthcare systems reliably. For doctors and hospitals, MyDoc uses tools such as e-referrals, remote care for patients, team messaging and lab integrations. For patients, MyDoc offers online results, secure data, and remote consults. Partnering with insurers, retailers and health systems, MyDoc aims improve the overall healthcare experience, reducing costs and improving healthcare as a service.

Throwback: Max Armbruster, Founder of Talkpush wins Judges’ Choice award at Echelon TOP100 Hong Kong qualifier in 2015.

Throwback: Max Armbruster, Founder of Talkpush wins Judges’ Choice award at Echelon TOP100 Hong Kong qualifier in 2015.

Talkpush | HQ: Hong Kong 

Founded in 2013, Talkpush allows recruiters to capture interviews via audio recordings. Job seekers are given a unique number to call for the interview and answer the prepared interview questions anytime they’d like. Talkpush records these answers on their platform, allowing recruiters a more effective way of assessing applicants. Currently, Talkpush has rapidly expanded its operations and now supports employers in over 10 countries.

Flowaccount.com | HQ: Thailand 

Flowaccount.com is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform running on a freemium business model. Designed for small business owners, Flowaccount.com understands how most of these owners currently struggle with their outdated or foreign accounting software. With tools such as invoicing, reports, expense modules, profit and loss statements, as well as cloud storage, Flowaccount.com envisions building an easy to use cloud accounting software that any small business owner will love.

Ayannah | HQ: Philippines 

Recently raising US$1M Series A funding, Ayannah has been a strong provider of digital financial services that focus on serving the unbanked, especially those in emerging markets. Its two main products, Sendah Direct and Sendah Remit, allow brick-and-mortar retailers and banks to respectively provide services to its customers such as domestic remittances across different networks, mobile top-ups, and online gaming credits.

Play2Lead | HQ: Australia 

A revenue-positive JFDI graduate, Play2Lead is a gamification and social platform that makes business training sessions fun, memorable and measurable. With the ability to hold 90 percent of the audience’s attention during live conferences and workshops, Play2Lead is able to understand the mind of the employee during the sessions, allowing companies to measure the impact their training brings to its employees.

Greyloft | HQ: Singapore 

A venture backed startup, Greyloft is a digital property agency that uses technology and data insights to provide customers with several features: an enhanced real estate search engine, personalised service with a single agent from search to signing, and a protected rental deposit service. Greyloft is led by a founding team of two NUS alumni who were bankers at Barclays & Standard Chartered.

Screenshot taken from Pointstar home page

Screenshot taken from Pointstar home page

Pointstar | HQ: Singapore 

One of the pioneers in cloud solutions, Pointstar serves enterprises who embrace cloud and collaborative applications. They offer end-to-end cloud services that help customers implement cloud strategies that suit their businesses. Pointstar has rapidly grown to accommodate several different countries in the Asia Pacific including, China, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Cooey | HQ: India 

Striving towards personalising healthcare, Cooey is an end to end health monitoring IOT platform that collects, stores, analyzes, and provides insights of patients’ vital signs. Primarily targeting chronic and antenatal care patients, Cooey also offers blood pressure meters and body analysers, as well as a mobile health platform that connects users to doctors and hospitals while providing personalised services suited for their needs.

Worklor | HQ: Singapore

Being the first female-only coworking space in Singapore, Worklor prides itself on being an eco-community. Worklor is primarily focussed on helping female creators build their businesses and hosting events that complement the interests of the Worklor residents. Worklor also enjoys fintech — its office runs the first Bitcoin ATM in Southeast Asia. It is primarily a positive and enriching space for women who are working towards innovation.

(L-R) Bounthay Khammanyvong, Group CEO, WhatsNew and Shannon Kalayanamitr, CEO and Founder, MOXY

(L-R) Bounthay Khammanyvong, Group CEO, WhatsNew and Shannon Kalayanamitr, CEO and Founder, MOXY

Moxy | HQ: Thailand

Acquired by the WhatsNew Group early 2015, Moxy is the only women-focused shopping destination in Thailand. In Indonesia, Moxy also recently merged with Bilna, a family-focused e-commerce platform, now called MoxyBilna. With a mix of both local and international brands and new items available every week, Moxy offers a large variety of quality products to suit their target customers.

DrooToo | HQ: Singapore 

Drootoo is a multi-cloud platform that focuses on data lifecycle management using several cloud endpoints. The company primarily targets a mix of startups, IT system operations, and the developers who help them in a variety of ways. Examples include application development, operational efficiency and transparency, as well as serving as a testing environment for developers.

Sleekr | HQ: Singapore 

Sleekr is a handy mobile and web HR software enabling companies to manage new hires, review time-off, leave balances, and track staff performance with a self-service employee central. Sleekr prides itself on a low learning curve and an easy initial setup due to it being on the cloud. Company employees can also use Sleekr to book leaves online, access their time-off balances, payslips, and update their employment information.

HyperGrowth | HQ: Singapore 

Previously starting off as a consulting company, HyperGrowth has fully evolved to provide companies with media buying intelligence and user acquisition automation models, as well as consultation and agency services. Currently, HyperGrowth is a marketing technology company that provides solutions to some of the largest e-commerce businesses, game companies, leading mobile advertisers and agencies across APAC. It helps them make better advertising decisions by leveraging on its database and information retrieval systems to execute numerous user acquisition campaigns.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.08.54 PM

Screenshot from Jobnisit home page

Jobnisit | HQ: Thailand 

Initially catering to Thai Ivy League students (“nisit”) and graduates, Jobnisit is a job recruitment platform that now caters to skilled young professionals. Using an in-house algorithm called “Nisitmatch,” users can find the right jobs easier than any other recruiting channel. Working with over 500 multinational and publicly listed companies in Thailand, Jobnisit provides an extensive selection of interesting career opportunities and exclusive company insights for its users.

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