#Asia 4 interior design apps you can use to spruce up your home


Buying a house is only the first step, making it a home requires great deal of time and effort, here are 5 apps that can help you out

Interior Design

Buying a house is costly business. First, you need to get a mortgage that takes years to pay off. Then, you have to plonk down a huge wad of cash on the renovation and decor to make sure it fits your style.

So how do you ensure that you are communicating the right ideas to your interior designer or renovator? What if, instead of getting it to look your desired English cottage, it turns out looking as if Salvador Dali and Picasso had a field day with your house?

Here are 5 interior design apps that can help you avoid such disasters and give you some neat ideas on beautifying your home.

1. Neybers


For the budding or closet interior designers, this is the app to have. It lets you decorate a house from scratch.

You can choose from thousands of actual home decor options ranging from furniture and floor tiles, to accessories such as candles and vases (it even has a pug mini cushion). Each item comes with a detailed description of the item including its designer, brand, and the stylistic origin of the brand.

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After throwing in the desired furnishing, you can customise the where the furniture is positioned, flip it around and rotate it.

Clearly, I wasn't cut out for this line of work

Clearly, I wasn’t cut out for this line of work

It also has a a social aspect that is reminiscent of Instagram. You can upload your lovely design onto its social platform, allowing other users to critique or “like” it. Neyber also displays the most popular designs in its “Trending” section and allows you follow your favourite designers’ feeds.

2. Qanvast Interior Design Ideas


This Singapore-based app doesn’t just provide a catalogue of home furnishing options, it also gives a rough estimate of the cost to homeowners, and a list of interior designers with their portfolio and costs per project clearly displayed.

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Simply select the type of property you seek to renovate, its floor area, when you expect to collect the keys and whether you are using a loan to finance it.

Then choose whether you are going for cost-effectiveness or if you want to be design-centric, select your style preference and key in your budget and phone number. Qanvast then provides a quote free of charge.



Currently, it is only available in Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

3. MagicPlan


On first glance, it is evident that this app’s target audience isn’t just homeowners.

It allows you to create intricate floor plans, including elevators, checkout counters, surveillance cameras and fire escape routes based on photos or by drawing it on the app. There are also template layouts available.

You can then export it into various formats including jpeg and pdf or upload it into the cloud.

These features enable property owners as well as emergency personnel to devise emergency plans or fire escape routes. Commercial usage, however, requires a subscription fee.


According to an article on Techcrunch, the app has attracted attention from law enforcement agencies and real estate companies.

4. Home Design 3D


This app is clearly designed with professional interior designers in mind. Like MagicPlan, it also features a conventional floor plan, in which you can place various furniture, wall and window types, and any other accessory you can think of (that includes pool tables and even a globe and a rocking horse!).

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You can then convert it into a 3D plan and  take a 360-degree view of the interior using your fingers and even change the lighting. It also offers an orbital and ground level view of the place, allowing you to carefully inspect your masterpiece from every possible angle and perspective.


The free version does not allow you to save the project and the paid versions comes in several tiers.

The basic US$8.98 version allows you to save a project and also removes advertisements while the Gold version, which costs US$13.98, gives you access to all of HomeDesign 3D’s functions and contents — including a whole additional range of furniture and accessory options.


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