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SalaryBoard, EngageRocket, Mimetic and TalentDash will soon disrupt the HR dept

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Technology has become more and more invasive across almost every possible industries and function. The most recent one would be fintech as MAS gets into the game and attempts to bring together startups, investors, financial institutions and government agencies together over the inaugural fintech festival in Nov 2016.

Even the NTUC recognises the significance and value of startups and disruptive technologies and has engaged startups via focus groups and networking events.

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NTUC’s Secretary-General Chan Chun Sing has also met up with tech startups to understand how the Labour Movement can help startups together with U Associate partner ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship) on areas such as:

  • Opportunities for startups to network
  • Access to mentors and business leaders
  • Profiling startup jobs and advocacy on concerns

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From private transportation to food delivery, there has been much publicity about tech startups in many spaces. But you seldom hear much about HR tech startups, an area I’m extremely passionate about.

But just because you never hear of them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Here are four upcoming HR tech startups that are born and bred in Singapore, and they are going to disrupt an HR department near you soon:

1. Salary Board

Companies that wishes to do a comprehensive compensation and benefits review would engage consultancy such as Hay Group or Mercer to do a market survey to identify salary information. That works well, provided you have six digits of spare cash in your bank account.

Salary Board believes accurate salary information should not be exclusive to the wealthy. It begins by providing an online service that helps professionals in Singapore research and compare market pay data based on job content, employee profile and company characteristics, in an accurate way.

Using machine learning and a large set of employer-reported data, they can analyse over 30 factors affecting pay to determine one’s worth in the market. The data, in turn, would become useful to improve further the compensation recommendations they give to organisations.

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2. EngageRocket

According to a Business Times report, successfully engaged teams were up to 22% more productive, had 25% less voluntary turnover, and were 21% more profitable than disengaged groups.

EngageRocket provides a simple survey tool to hear from your employees in real-time with beautiful pulse surveys and actionable tips. This allows you to build a great workplace with effective people managers and happier employees.

The platform let you ask a series of questions weekly and gather those feedbacks in real-time so you can take the most appropriate action.

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3. Mimetic.ai

Meetings. We don’t like to attend them, and we hate scheduling them even more.

Mimetic.ai can’t make your meeting any better, but it takes the pain out from scheduling it by providing you with an A.I. Personal Assistant named Evie; that schedules your meetings.

And it is so easy to use because you activate Evie by putting her on the cc list. There are no special commands or code words to remember.

The service currently supports Google and Office 365 calendars. Evie will have a holistic view of your entire schedule, even if it’s spread out over multiple calendars. That means you’ll never be double-booked for a business dinner and family gathering again.

So you’re free to spend time on things that matter in life.

4. TalentDash

With such a tight labour market, putting out job advertisements to find talents is as effective as putting up posters to look for lost pets.

Instead of expecting people to turn up at your door, try sourcing for them instead. This way, not only do you save time by finding candidates to your requirements, you would not miss out any passive candidates as well.

TalentDash allows small and medium sized companies and mature StartUps to get a head start on their recruitment for the major roles. You only add your job requirement, tweak the search parameters of the candidates you are searching for, and come back a few days later to retrieve your results.

Through data aggregation, this talent mapping platform identifies the people in the industry that fits the search requirements and highlights the top specific candidates that you are looking for in Singapore or even worldwide. Having a snapshot of the talent pool will help you build a robust talent pipeline and speed up your hiring process.

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So you get headhunting and sourcing capabilities.  Genius!

As you can see, it is getting exciting in the HR space with these tech companies coming in to disrupt the traditional and inefficient ways of doing things. And many of these are leveraging technology to scale their service and democratise the areas they are serving.

Regardless of the kind of challenges one is facing, it is worth the time for business owners and HR professionals to take a look at what these HR Tech startups got to offer.

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