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Though the year is coming to an end, the funding is not! Check out this week’s latest funded startups in Japan.

Caster Biz

Developed by Caster, online secretary service Caster Biz is geared towards remote workers. Different payment plans exist that diversify the services depending on the amount paid. Offerings include things like setting up business trips, scheduling, research, and translation.

On December 5, the company secured approximately US$2.7 million in funding from World Innovation Lab and SMBC, among others.


Vesper is the creator of TableSolution and TableCheck.

TableSolution is a service that allows reservations to be made online or through an automated phone system. The software manages the reservations and provides cancellation protection. Currently the service is supporting 2,000 partnerships that include luxury hotels and restaurants. TableCheck provides restaurant suggestions.

Vesper faces a number of competitors, with foreign rival Yelp and domestic player Tablelog touting their extensive networks. However, Vesper offers some unique features, like cancellation protection and its automated phone reservation system.

The company recently raised US$1.3 million from SMBC Capital. Vesper is looking to expand globally and increase marketing activity.


TerraTalk is an English language learners app produced by the company Joyz. It uses AI technology for features like voice recognition. It offers over a hundred lessons covering areas such as business, travel, and ordering food. TerraTalk also has partnerships with schools, cram schools, and other institutions where their product is used as a self-study tool.

Though TerraTalk is built on some of the latest tech, there’s no shortage of competition. Foreign rivals include apps like Duolingo and Busuu. The domestic market seems strong too, with players like Mikan, NativeCamp, and Polygots.

Following the company’s February 2016 seed raise of US$1.3 million, the company recently secured US$1.8 million funding from SMBC, Mizuho Capital, YJ Capital, Incubate Fund, and Venture Labo.  


Garage by MiddleField is Japan’s largest online retailer for car parts. It only started running in April, but has already partnered with more than 1,500 brands and 300 shops. The site supports a myriad of makers and models from everyday Hondas to top of the line Ferraris.

On December 11, the company raised US$2.2 million from Femto Partners. MiddleField is looking to use the funds to strengthen Garage’s operating structure, increase procurement, add new functions like the selling of used cars, and more.


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