#Asia 4 up-and-coming ecommerce startups to look out for at TIA Singapore 2017


The internet has made life a lot easier by streamlining communication channels. But the emergence of ecommerce sites spell a different story altogether. Beyond providing a diverse portfolio of products that can easily be bought online, ecommerce has also inspired creativity among individuals to come up with industry-specific or need-based online solutions.

The beauty of convenience speaks to us at multiple levels—be it the food we eat, events we plan, or even the clothes we want to buy. Luckily for us, the list of startups that are motivated and inspired to look for innovative ways to make convenience a way of life just keeps on growing.

Catch these four ecommerce startups at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017 this May 17 & 18, and you might just find the perfect fit for your needs.


There’s nothing better than home-cooked meals, they’re (arguably) healthier and are more fulfilling to consume. But with traffic and work occupying most of our days, it’s hard to even squeeze in time for grocery shopping. These factors make access to quality home-cooked meals a lot tougher.

But with OhMyGrocer, you can cook like a pro and stay in your pursuit of quality home-cooked meals amid a busy schedule. They have seasoned chefs who prepare for you a wide array of recipes that are easy-to-follow. But it doesn’t end there—they make it more convenient for you to cook these dishes at home by doing the groceries for you!

Visual Loft

Finding the right pair of eyewear that complements our personal style and needs is tough when we have to consider several factors such as shape, size, frame, and price. Online optical store Visual Loft offers a unique solution to this by allowing you to try on up to five pairs of eyewear from the comfort of your home.

Alternatively, you could upload a selfie onto their website, and choose a frame to be placed over your photo to have an idea of what you’d look like with it on. The best part about Visual Loft? They pride themselves on offering quality and stylish eyewear at affordable prices.


Building the right buzz for your event starts with getting the word out. But beyond generating interest for your event, it is also essential to have an online ticketing platform that has the capabilities to meet the demands of your attendees and allows you manage the event at ease.

Ticket2u lets you take the back seat, and their professionals will work their magic. They provide a variety of solutions in areas of ticket management, social media boosting, and attendee verification through barcode/QR codes scanning.


Small businesses are usually fueled by the passion for a specific craft. From fashion, food, to even cosmetics—the possibilities of turning our passion into profit are endless. But having the right channel to advertise products may pose a challenge for many small business owners.

That’s where Boutir, a mobile app that allows anyone to build their personal online store in just three minutes, comes in. Boutir takes away the hassle of having to bother with the cumbersome registration process while working in sync with your business’ social media accounts.

Get to know these startups at #tiasg2017

With the participation of these exhibiting startups at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017’s Bootstrap Alley, the conference is shaping up to be more diverse than ever. Immerse yourself in one of the region’s most bustling startup communities, and purchase your ticket to check these startups out!

To find out who are the other exhibiting startups, check out these 2 articles (here and here)! They provide a pretty comprehensive overview of the exhibiting startups at Bootstrap Alley this May 17 & 18.

And before you miss it, this is your final chance to shave 10 percent off your conference pass (code: tiasg10), available only until Friday, April 28, 11:59 PM (GMT +8).

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