#Asia 5 apps to make killer content marketing campaigns, and how to use them


Integrate these services into your workflow to make life a little bit easier


In order to make content marketing work, every writer and content creator has to create unique, interesting posts on a daily basis. It’s a constant challenge to diversify content, maximize effort and enhance your productivity.

To be a professional writer, content marketers must regularly creating interesting content and at the same time highlight references from other companies. The goal is to build online and offline relationships and amplify the brand’s content distribution.

All of this can be achieved with the help of various content creation apps. Some are apps, some are tools and some are websites and they all have two things in common- they are super awesome, and they make content creation easier. 

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Here is a list of five awesome services, laid on the table, for you to check out.

Creativity Portal

The search for an endless source of inspiration will come to a merciful conclusion once Creativity Portal is integrated into the workflow.

The platform was designed to help writers and every other content creator produce better material by displaying inspirational content and providing uplifting materials.

Free e-journals, articles, and posts can all  be found on Creativity Portal and readers can focus on relevant topics and use them as inspiration or as an information source.

But remember: do not plagiarize.


Writing the article  is just one step of the process.

Once the writing is finished, next in line is proofreading and editing, which can take a significant amount of time. But, there is a way to move onto another article instead if editing. Simply send the piece to the professionals at Papersgear and have no worry. The article will be proofread and edited to perfection.

Also, if writer’s block is hurting productivity, Papergear’s writers can cover any niche and deliver great and unique work. Anything writing related can be found on Papersgear, so make sure to check it out.


Being a writer, organisation is rarely a strength. Evernote is one of the world’s most famous ways to get organised, make your better work and get it done flawlessly.

Users can install Evernote on any PC, laptop or smartphone and have it with them wherever they go. Even without Internet connection, it will perform an automatic sync the next time the Internet becomes available.

The best thing about Evernote is that it is constantly saving and syncing, which makes it the best place to store and write the next masterpiece.

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From to-do lists and research notes to writing articles on a regular basis, Evernote has proven to be more than helpful with both writing and editing.

Google Webmaster Tools

When researching SEO and keyword analytics, everyone has a preferred marketing software.

Google Webmaster Tools is  designed specifically for this. With it, writers can check the number of indexed pages on a website, submit the URL to Google in order to get crawled and indexed, and disavow any undesired inbound links.

The service provides insights and information related to search queries that have been frequent but have a low click-through rate. Compare the results of Google Webmaster Tools with your other software and discover that opportunities are waiting just around the corner.

What is more, after talking with SEO experts from Online Marketing Gurus, I learned that they too have Google Webmaster Tools within their arsenal, which is enough evidence that it must be found on any top 5 list of software that helps with content creation.


As a content creator, part of the job is spending hours and hours every day looking for something interesting to write about.

Luckily, this can come to an end; save yourself a few hours of a search every day by using Feedly, an app designed to search the web for  in order to find the most interesting “hot” topics.

Feedly gathers the RSS feeds for news from all types of websites. It uses an integrated search filter and can be customizable to most websites with an RSS function.


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News never traveled faster, and getting something to write about as soon as you log in sounds like a dream.

Oscar Waterworth is passionate about cutting edge tech, martech, business, marketing and a whole lot of other things in the world of business and IT.

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