#Asia 5 Indonesian startups for people who hate housework


Housework can sometimes literally be such a chore and these startups can help you get away from it

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The following scenario is probably the bane of every urban Indonesian’s existence: The housemaid announces that she is going back to her hometown tomorrow, leaving you in charge of the chores.

But you have deadlines that demand undivided attention. There is a movie date tonight and you cannot afford to be late. Or, you are just as likely just lazy, but let us pretend that you have good excuses.

Which is why you should look no further than these Indonesian startups to help you get the housework done –from cooking, cleaning, doing laundry to grocery shopping.

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1. Pasarminggu



The day begins with grocery shopping, but your body feels mysteriously heavier after breakfast. As a solution, you check out Pasarminggu, an online grocery delivery service.

Available through a desktop site, SMS and chat messengers, Pasarminggu accepts bookings a day before delivery. Though only available in the South and East Jakarta areas for the moment, compared with competitor HappyFresh, Pasarminggu has a wider variety of traditional Indonesian spices and recipes.

2. Ahlijasa

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And then, you notice the pile of laundry in the basket. The startup you are looking for is Ahlijasa, an online marketplace for various services.

Though, at the moment, Ahlijasa only has databases for laundry, massage and spa, and house cleaning services, users can search and compare prices between different service providers to make the best booking possible.

It also has a Laundry in a Box service that provides 25 liter-sized containers for users to drop laundry in.
Users are charged based on the number of boxes submitted.

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3. Porter Kakilima

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Now you are hungry. You cannot stop thinking about that chicken noodle stall near your office, but unlike pizza places, it has no delivery service. So you head over to Porter Kakilima, a desktop and mobile app specialising in food delivery.

What sets Porter Kakilima apart from other food delivery service is its wide array of street food vendors. Using a geotag system, you can find lists of unlikely food services like the legendary meatball soup stall near Blok S Football Field or a fried duck rice stall in the Bendungan Hilir area.

The startup plans to introduce a live chat feature with its drivers soon.

4. HaloDiana

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Then, you remember that you have not purchased tickets for the movie. This is why you call Halo Diana, an online concierge service that is comparable to Malaysia’s Helpr and fellow Indonesian startup YesBoss. The startup’s name literally means “Hello Diana”, whoever Diana is.

Reachable through SMS and chat messenger, HaloDiana’s services range from courier services, grocery shopping, to even paying bills and invoices. An Android-based app is currently on an invitation-only basis.

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5. Go-Clean


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Last but not least, do not forget to sweep the floor before you leave. While HaloDiana and AhliJasa offer house cleaning services, Go-Clean is a subsidiary of ride-hailing startup Go-Jek that focusses on house cleaning services.

Go-Clean staff are trained in housekeeping and will also bring their own equipment and cleaning solutions. It is currently only available in te Greater Jakarta area, you can save at least IDR25,000 (US$1.8) by filling out a feedback form.

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