#Asia 5 Indonesian tech ventures that are just getting started – November 2016



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Where’s Indonesia’s next wave of tech and business innovators?

This series looks at some of the young companies in the archipelago that have recently caught our eye.



HelloBeauty is a marketplace for beauty professionals like makeup artists and hair stylists. It was co-founded by Dennish Tjandra and Pradana Dyaksa. Since launching in July, HelloBeauty says it’s signed up 300 service providers across Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, and Bandung and received 237 bookings so far.



Klik’n’Clean is an app for booking room cleaning services. Its co-founder and CEO is Steven Ghoos, the former managing director of Lamudi in Indonesia.

Klik’n’Clean’s big advantage is that its partner is the well-established enterprise-scale cleaning service Carefast – a company that’s used to clean malls and office buildings. Klik’n’Clean is an on-demand service for individuals and smaller offices, but it shares resources with Carefast when it comes to staff and equipment.



If you’re a university student in need of a new laptop but can’t afford it right away, Cicil might be the right solution. It lets you purchase items from a catalog and offers various payment schemes so that you can pay off the debt over the course of a few months.

The startup co-founded by Edward Widjonarko and Leslie Lim raised seed funding from East Ventures earlier this month.



Otobro helps people navigate the daunting task of buying a new or used car. It removes uncertainty because it offers independent advice for potential buyers. The cars on its platform all have to pass a standardized professional inspection. Each car comes with a score on how well, for example, its air conditioning system works, or what condition the wheels are in.

The company was co-founded by Patrick Williamson, who used to be the director of product and business development at KMK, the digital division of Indonesian media conglomerate Emtek.



In Indonesia, elaborate flower arrangements (whether fresh or fake) are part of many celebrations. You’ll find towering, flower-decorated walls in front of a newly opened shop to congratulate its owners. Hotel lobbies and function halls are overflowing with fancy bouquets. LoviDovi is a marketplace for all those needs, connecting vendors and buyers.

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