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Booking a cab? Do it online. Grocery shopping? Do it online. Going to the toilet? Do it onl… OK, that’s one thing we can’t do online. But with startups constantly pushing the boundaries of the World Wide Web and 21st century tech, the category of ‘offline activity only’ is becoming smaller by the day. Whatever task or problem you need handled, it seems there’s always an app or web service custom-built to help.

Take these five startups for example. Some are variations on a popular theme, while others traverse less familiar waters. But all have found an innovative method of offering online solutions for traditionally offline activities. Whoever said technology causes a disconnect from real life probably never met one of these guys.

Terrabees (Thailand)

terrabees tech in asia jakarta 2016

Terrabees is a smart shipping service that provides an extra degree of control for businesses looking to micromanage their delivery processes. Currently operating out of the Bangkok metropolitan area, the company offers all the usual bells and whistles like real-time tracking and same-day delivery. But what really takes the cake is its Advanced Control Center, which allows users to command, control and customise delivery processes to suit their business needs – all from a single dashboard.

Great Innovus Solutions (India)

great innovus tech in asia jakarta 2016 bootstrap alley

Throw out the word ‘museum’ and most people think dusty relics, oil paintings and tiny text on placards. Not exactly the sort of place where you’d expect to find state-of-the-art technology. With Great Innovus Solutions’ Collections and Tour Management System, however, your next museum experience may very well be mediated through your mobile phone. As experts on location-based interaction, GIS takes static real-life displays and enhances them with digital galleries, text descriptions and even video or audio commentaries.

iiCity.com (Malaysia)

iicity tech in asia jakarta 2016 bootstrap alley

The Internet has arguably made free-and-easy travel, well – easier for travellers of all ages. Now, even that most rustic and authentic of travel experiences, homestays, is receiving a World Wide Web shot in the arm. iiCity.com’s one-stop portal allows you to eschew the sterile hotel experience and go straight for local flavour with just a few clicks of your mouse. Some properties even come with attached vehicles for that free-wheeling self-drive vacation!

Spoors (India)

spoors tech in asia jakarta 2016 bootstrap alley

‘Going out into the field’ usually means forsaking safe, controlled office conditions for the messy arena of real life, but Indian startup Spoors doesn’t see why field operations can’t be just as easy to manage as office or laboratory ones. Their EFFORT (Effortless Field Force Optimising and Reporting Toolkit) is a comprehensive platform for overseeing field operations of all kinds across multiple platforms. Now you can really feel like Mission Control in one of those Hollywood spy flicks coordinating the movements of your field agents.

GolfConnect24 (Vietnam)

golfconnect tech in asia jakarta 2016 bootstrap alley

Physical activity is one of those things you still can’t do online (otherwise we’d be furiously tapping at our keyboards to burn calories), but what you can do is book sports facilities and coordinate sports outings with your friends. GolfConnect24 is one such sports app focusing on the genteel game of golf in general. Not only does it aggregate available tee times from all neighbouring golf courses, it also allows users to create their own golf events. And if you’re of those players who always has trouble keeping score, the app has its own e-scorecard too!

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