#Asia 6 personalities you’ll definitely meet at #ECAsia2016


Are you a part of these 6 personalities? Perhaps consider making a trip to #ECAsia2016 and find out for yourself.


There are a lot of engaging personalities coming to our event at #ECAsia2016 in June, but if you’re a newcomer don’t fret! We have a rundown of the different types of personalities you’ll most likely run into at our conference. So take a look, buy an #ECAsia2016 ticket using the SUMMIT20 promo code, and hey – you’ll probably find yourself in this list too:

The cool, calm and collected government official

You know that they’re going to announce something big, because why else will they be there? Be it partnerships, new startup policies or funds, leave it up to the government (with help from folks in the financial district) to get things started. Or hey, they’re probably their to award at pitching startup with a special prize! You can also make a safe bet that you’ll see this official up on stage either being a keynote speaker or part of a cozy fireside chat. But one thing’s clear, no matter what these officials end up announcing, they always maintain a zen-like attitude in the conference. Also, they look natural in their suits.

The highly energetic entrepreneur

Grit. Passion. And some data analytics. These are usually the ingredients that make up the highly energetic entrepreneur. They’re either out there speed dating the investors, checking out other startup booths and networking, practicing their pitch for the grand competition – but you can never just find them sitting down in one spot, unless trapped by our cosy bean bags. You’ll start to wonder if this entrepreneur will ever run out of energy talking about their startup traction, till you realise that these entrepreneurs can refill their energy with our coffee stations. Startup grind it is, whether it’s the lifestyle or in reference to coffee.

The diligent (and sweet) sales, business, and marketing teams

At first, you might tell yourself that it’s highly improbable you’ll be buying their products and services, but these folks are just so understanding and empathetic that… maybe it wouldn’t hurt to start that monthly trial? While it may not be evident to you, these folks hustle hard and deeply understand their customer pain points. They internalise the strengths and weaknesses of their offerings, acknowledging that no offer is perfect, but what they’re offering you is definitely the best deals out there. If you see them, please give them a better answer than, “I’ll think about it.”

Mysterious angel investors and rockstar VCs

They’re everywhere, at least – that’s what you think. These angels fly everywhere, asking some subtle ‘business model’ questions to entrepreneurs, talking with known VCs and investors on the side, and naturally ‘playing it cool.’ You’ll start to suspect they’re an angel if they ask for your business card, leaving you to frantically search your pockets for one. Be prepared, for thou shall not know when thy angel investor shall strike – and you do not want to be asking for penance later.

The counterpart to the angel investor is the rockstar venture capitals. You already know who they are, and you probably (let’s admit it) already made a clear profile of them. What startups have they invested in? What industries or countries do they focus on? And hey, do they party a lot?! Unsurprisingly, like a rockstar, these venture capitalists have lots of adoring fans, and may be difficult (or intimidating) to approach for a new entrepreneur. Don’t worry, that’s what the speed dating is for – these rockstar VCs after all, are just as eager in searching for fresh startups to invest in, so you may just be fortunate enough to make those connections there.

The wise and inspirational C-suite executives

Just like the sage in every martial arts movie or comic book, the inspirational C-suite executives take to the stage and impart wisdom and insights about their entrepreneurial (or corporate) journey. These people know how to rejuvenate cynical or stressed team members who are in need of advice or clear guidance. Take time to listen to their words, ask relevant questions in smaller sessions, and perhaps you will be one of the chosen mentees of a certain executive! After all, having someone to sound off your ideas, notice some blind spots, and give you some advice is not a bad idea. Find them in our three stages, Future, Reach/Build, and Create, and may the journey to these three stages be an enlightening experience.

The scrambling (optional: flailing), busy media folk and its partners

Of course, as it is our event, we’d like to make sure that each sponsor, attendee, or speaker gets the attention they deserve. So we do our best in securing the best media partners we can get, as well as cover the happenings of our event. We’ll also be helping moderate certain panels, live tweeting away, and visiting your booths to check on you. As for the flailing, we’ll be flailing a lot more in our afterparty rather than the conference, and we hope you can stick around for those. Other media members will be present as well, so stay primed for our ‘potential-article’ questions, and prepare for random photos and video interviews!

If you enjoy our sense of humour (or accuracy of this piece), perhaps consider buying an #ECAsia2016 ticket? We’re giving away a 20% discount with our promo code SUMMIT20. Catch you there this June!

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