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We’re back with the Japanese startup funding roundup. Initial Coin Offerings are all the rage at the moment and Japan is no exception. Check out the companies which raised coins and cash below.


Alis is a social media platform which provides content to users directly without advertising.

Alis rewards quality content providers and sharers with tokens called ALIS. The project was inspired by Steem and aims to bring a similar platform to the Japanese market. Instead of making revenue through advertising or stealth-marketing, the platform simply lets users give tokens to content creators and raises the value of the tokens through this exchange.

Alis raised over US$3.5 million in Japan’s first social media ICO.

Collet by Crevo

Crevo’s Collet is a crowdsourcing platform for finding talent for video projects.

The service includes a job board where you can browse video professionals and their portfolios. Upon selecting a team for a video project, the service offers a suite of tools for communication, sharing resources, and plotting progress. Through the use of artificial intelligence and cloud-based storage, Collet brings the necessities of video production and team coordination online.

Crevo received roughly US$2.8 million in funding last week.

Monomy by Fun Up

Monomy is an online marketplace app for fashion accessories by Fun Up.

The app is like a highly specialized version of Etsy. The company partners with factories, craftsmen, and other producers to create fashion accessories and jewelry. Users can browse producers and products, as well as make special requests of creators through the app.

The startup received an investment of just under US$1.1 million, reports TechCrunch.


Saleshub is an online business referral service.

Companies that want private spokespeople or brand ambassadors can match with individuals that suit their needs via the site. People who sign up to refer their friends or acquaintances to a service can then receive compensation from the company. The platform has 340 participating companies and 1,000 registered users two months after launch.

The startup raised over US$800,000 in funds last week from Incubate Fund, reports The Bridge.


Learnie is an online English education service for elementary school students.

The startup focuses on teaching students English through online group coursework and conversation. Whereas most English education courses focus on conversation with a native English speaker, Learnie focuses on group conversation with bilingual Japanese and English speakers as instructors. The goal is to make a lower stress and more enjoyable experience for children.

The startup announced raising US$480,000 in funds last week.

Summon by Moso Mafia

Summon is an app for finding freelance beauticians by Moso Mafia.

The app lets beauty professionals such as hair stylists, manicurists, or personal trainers register online as freelancers. Users of the app can then browse freelancers to hire them. Although the app focuses on the beauty industry, the services listed on the app range from flower arrangement classes to live music performances.

Moso Mafia announced an investment total of just under US$315,000 last week. The funds were raised over crowdfunding site Fundinno.

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Editor’s Note: These startups are featured because they have acquired funding, and are not necessarily attending Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017.

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