#Asia 6 rising startups in Japan


We’re right back at it with the roundup of startup funding in Japan. Read on to see what caught investors’ eyes last week.


LeapMind is a startup that handles data and automation.

The startup provides technology solutions through deep learning and neural networks. Companies can pay LeapMind to leverage their software and hardware for their own projects. According to the company, their product can be used on projects ranging from designing smart-home electronics to managing emergency response robots.

The startup recently announced receiving over US$101 million in funding.


Famm is a service that makes calendars out of users’ photos.

The startup provides a way for parents to make a keepsake of their children’s growth. Users can share their photos with the startup and the startup will arrange them by date into a photo calendar. The startup will send one calendar free to users every month, with more copies being available with a paid subscription.

The startup received roughly US$4 million in investments last week, reports The Bridge.


Agrimedia is a platform that tries to bridge the gap between cities and farmers.

The startup uses web media to find people who are interested in agriculture and farming. While the company also finds full time workers for farming projects, the focus is on finding recreational farmers who want to help with community projects in their region. You could say that Agrimedia is somewhat like WWOOF for domestic projects.

The startup received an investment of just under US$2.2 million last week, reports The PR Time.

One Pay

One Pay is an app for payments and personal finance.

The service is aimed at small business owners and consumers who want a convenient and cheap payments method. Unlike similar services such as Coiney, One Pay only charges users when they use the app for payments. The platform also doesn’t require the use of physical cards, since users can store their payment info simply by taking photos of their credit cards.

The startup received an investment of roughly US$880,000, which may be a record for a startup founded by a highschooler according to The Bridge.


Sarah is an app that lets users find restaurants by the dishes they serve.

Sarah is like the inverse of the normal process of finding restaurants: instead of starting with what kind of cuisine you want to eat, you start with the dish itself and see what restaurants serve it. For example, if you really want to eat a chicken burrito, Sarah will show you all the restaurants nearby that serve chicken burritos and include reviews on each store’s dish. According to the PR Times, over 200,000 dishes have been added to the app so far.

The startup raised US$700,000 in its latest round of funding, reports The PR Times.


Gatari is working on an augmented reality/mixed reality communication tool.

While virtual reality headsets often use controllers or accelerometers, Gatari is focusing on making voice commands an easy way to manipulate augmented reality. In this demo you can see how the company’s technology can automatically translate and display messages by users in a virtual reality setting.

The company received investments totalling US$351,000 last week.

Converted from Japanese yuan. Rate: US$1 = JPY 111.73.

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