#Asia 6 startups that caught our eye at TIA Tokyo 2017


Doors to the fourth edition of Tech in Asia Tokyo opened early yesterday morning, with several attendees checking out this year’s batch of exhibiting startups at Bootstrap Alley. From AI, to fintech and SaaS, we had startups from 23 verticals showcasing their products this year across two days. In case you haven’t had time to check them out, here are six of our favourites.


Keeping food chilled without electricity for six days sounds like mission impossible – but not with UltraCelsius’ innovative freezer. Its chemical compartment absorbs and stores cold energy when the traditional cooling system is in function, then releases it when the power is switched off. This helps to preserve the temperature and quality of contents without adding on to your electricity bills. For food suppliers who need to keep their produce fresh while saving electricity bills, this could come in handy.


Checking in at events can be an unnerving process, even before it starts. At some point in your life, you would have attended an event and found yourself poring through your emails or rummaging through your bag at the registration counter locating your ticket for check-in, mumbling a “sorry” under your breath as you look back and see the queue behind you lengthening.

These will be a thing of the past with Facepass, who’s ready to change the traditional events industry with its face-recognition technology. All you need is show up at the counter, have your face scanned, and you’re through! By cutting down time spent on verification, registration will be more efficient and convenient.


This is one booth that’s hard to miss, especially with its aesthetically pleasing digital window showcase that anyone could look at it all day. With Atmoph’s digital window opening to beautiful scenery from around the world shot in 4K and complete with audio, you’ll feel as if you’re experiencing those sounds and sights in-person.

The hi-tech window, which hit its US$100K Kickstarter goal in three weeks, boasts a 27-inch, 1920×1080 pixel high-contrast full HD display, and can connect to an iOS or Android device.


One of the pains salespeople face especially at the end of the year is writing season greeting cards to each of their clients to thank them for their business – customised, and by hand no less for that personal touch. What if this part of the job could be outsourced, so that you can focus on closing more deals?

Enter Kakiemon, an outsourcing service that provides letter writing functions powered by a robot which uses actual fountain pens in its writing. Not only will the recipient receive a fully customised message, but you’ll also save time and gain extra brownie points from your client.


Marrying insurance and blockchain technology seems unimaginable, but that’s what the world’s first blockchain peer-to-peer insurance startup Protectiq is doing. They are re-inventing health insurance by providing underserved people in third world countries access to health insurance via its sharing economy tool. With Protectiq, your annual contributions could be up to 30 times cheaper than what you pay to traditional insurance companies.


Using AI and IoT, Tokyo-based startup Primesap is committed to optimizing health and fitness for everyone, from athletes to elders. Their technology fuses data, engineering, and science to help quantify, analyze, design, and manage each user’s fitness journey. Primesap also provides medical and industrial solutions.

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