#Asia 6 tips for building a successful software development team


Some tips that can help you on your way to building your MVP

Launching a startup is probably as hard as building a software development team. Software development for startups is growing with cutting-edge features and functionalities. Moreover, the increasing demand for efficient software developers has also been increasing each passing day. Not to mention, that startups are tight on budget and initially can only employ a few designers and developers who are entirely focused on product development.

In this tech-driven environment, most startups are considered as highly influenced by technology, such as Android and iOS app development, Web development, backend and front-end development, etc. The developers and designers rule and shape the daily requirements of the business. However, there are many big companies who are offering quality software development services for startups at economical prices.

At times, it is difficult for startups to set-up fine-tuned software development services. It requires lots of resources, time, energy, and experience in searching and hiring the right talent who can assist with best of the knowledge to achieve the desired goals. Here are a few tips which can help in building a team:

Take time and make appropriate decisions

A mediocre software developer with poor technical skills can slow down the development cycle of the product. When a startup needs to hire a developer or designer for the project, it is advisable to not to rush the hiring process. Instead of settling down with an average candidate, you can follow a basic hiring procedure. Before initiating the interviews, you need to perform some research regarding the requirements of the project, define methodologies and outline what is exactly required to complete the project.

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Deal with professionals

If you are looking for perfection in the project, then it is really necessary to hire a professional developer and designer. Search for an experienced professional who follows well-defined development workflows and advanced protocols, and possesses in-depth knowledge of software patterns. The developer should always be open to learn and work on emerging technologies. Before hiring the right candidate, evaluate the projects they have accomplished, check for client references, etc.

Speed and flexibility

Speed and flexibility play a vital role in successful software development for startups. Speed simply matters at every stage, either development, designing, or deployment. As the project owner, startups also look for flexibility simultaneously. The development team should be prepared for any change or pivot that comes during the development.

Cultural fit

Cultural fit and an open environment allow employees to enjoy their workplace and peers. People often join a startup because of the culture, ambiance, and working environment. There are several ups and downs in every business. It is important to celebrate the good times as well as handle the difficulties together to solve the issues in project development.

Avoid one-man-shows

A startup should always think before building the team. A team is composed of several members, wherein each has his/her own skills, style, work ethics, and values. It is advisable to not to hire candidates with too homogenised technological skills, but rather build a team that can perform well together. Moreover, your desired startup goals might never be achieved if only one person handles your entire project. Success will usually require a team of experienced members who share the same direction, in order to achieve the goal of the startup.

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Open coding environment

Proficient developers have this mindset of working on creative and interesting projects that will help in the future and exceed their knowledge and scope in the development field. Startups need to focus on providing an open coding environment to developers. This allows the developers to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that enhance the quality of the project. It equally supports in the completion of the project as well.

A startup should also invest time in training and educating the employees. It eventually makes the employees a valuable asset of the company and also enhances the knowledge-level of your entire team. An open coding environment allows a developer to wor  with certainly higher productivity and creative solutions.


These are some basic tips that can help startups in building and improving software development services. At the early stages, you will usually be focused on the development of the product, which means you have to build a good team that can deliver your MVP and follow-through in ensuring it is viable, scalable and built with sound software engineering practices.


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