#Asia 6 what-not-to-wear ideas this Halloween: The tech edition


Stuck deciding what to wear? This list of six ‘horror-ble’ ideas probably wont help

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With inputs from Hannah Leung

Work in the tech industry and want to reflect your personality? Sick and tired of the usual suspects from Dracula to Wonder Woman?

Then you should probably not consult this list.

1. UberX drivers — as zombies

Judging from news reports, people all around the world, save for those who actually take Uber rides, are extremely frightened by these freelancing UberX drivers.

Taxi drivers hate them and government authorities want to ban them.

We don’t see why you would want to dress up as an UberX zombie driver this Halloween, but maybe, there is some thrill in driving around in a makeshift cardboard supposedly seven-year-old Toyota Camry drenched in blood and smashed windows.

Make sure to ask people if they would want a ride with you, and if they do, point out that there’s “reasonable” surge pricing involved.

2. Steve Jobs in a world of styluses

Can you imagine the Co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs coming back to life, basking around town in his signature black turtleneck, blue jeans and sneakers? Neither can we, so you should probably not do it. Plus, it’s highly offensive. But if you’re that sort of person to play with fire, go ahead.

3. Apple pencil 

The most expensive pencil ever doesn’t make the best costume. You can however, dress like an apple holding a pencil.


Image Credit: Shutterstock/HitToon

Or if that takes up too much effort, dress up as 3D Touch. It may get people to uh, poke, tap, swipe, or pinch you forcefully. If that is your thing. Peek-a-boo!

4. A Snapchat ghost

There may be a lot of people dressed up with a sheet over their heads, two holes for eyes, walking around in Halloween parties (such noobs!). But that’s not what we’re talking about.

We’re talking about the ephemeral Snapchat ghost floating about, beginning every conversation with a five-second long “Off the record,” and then a “I know when you’re recording,” and ending it with a quick flash of whatever you’re wearing underneath the short white sheet.  According to this video, it will only cost you US$5.

Some real advice: to be more original, dress up as a puking rainbow, a.k.a. a Snapchat filter.

5. Ariane the overexposed stock image model

Ariane who?

She can be found in advertisement creatives featuring Durex condoms to hotels to education institutions. She used to model for magazines, but found the job too serious. Then, she started modelling for stock photography. Now, she’s the face of all advertisements — in print, online and everywhere.

Image Credit: Personal Excellence

Image Credit: Personal Excellence

But the web has made her presence even more felt. Chances are, you’re either finding out about her ubiquitousness here, thanks to this article, or you have already seen someone talking about her on some Tumblr blog or Facebook group.


Image Credit: Supermalls


We dare you to print out her face and wear it as a mask. Or not. Whatever, dress up as Dracula or that guy from The Matrix. Your life, not ours.

6. A lost unicorn

Oh, unicorns – the magical, mythical Holy Grail of tech companies that have somehow achieved more than US$1 billion in valuation.

There are a gazillion reports about them, investors slapping their heads when they realise that they missed out on these unicorns when they were still in their formative years, articles teaching you how to be one. They tell you things like, “Put a horn of disruption on your forehead and pony up for the big show,” but we’ll teach you just how you can beat your competition with free-market and poaching techniques.

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To be a lost unicorn — which is obviously much better than a regular unicorn — you will first have to leave a trail of fake candy and glitter whenever you go. Pass out PR clarifications about your business model to bypassers, and always ask them if they know where your investors are. There’s nothing scarier than an overly valued company lost in the woods, scared and forsaken.

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