#Asia 7 ways Snapchat can help you market your brand to a young and mobile audience


When used right, Snapchat can be an effective marketing medium, especially for highly mobile millennials

Are you familiar with Snapchat? If not, then it is time you knew about it. Snapchat is a photo messaging app that is considered to be “ephemeral”, which means photos remain visible for them just for a few seconds, and then it disappears forever. If you make use of the app properly, then there is a good opportunity to promote your start-up.

Snapchat offers a live service, which lets you add a text or photo or even a live video call. For the same reason, the use of the application has sky-rocketed among young users. Today, there are almost 158 million active users on Snapchat.

Now, this number is really big! So if you have still not tried to use the platform for marketing purposes, then you are losing a big chunk of your potential audience for sure.

Here in this post, you will find ways to get started with the photo messaging app and get the attention of potential customers:

1. Highlight special events

One of the main agenda in marketing is to stay connected with the audience. So whenever there are charity events, grand openings, trade shows, business events, etc., you can easily promote the same on the app. This way your audience will be able to know about the latest happenings and live events from anywhere.

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2. Tease your fans with new products

Unlike the other social media platforms, Snapchat is a great way to market the upcoming products. You can easily create some buzz about product launches and tease your audience. This is because the images on Snapchat will only last for a few seconds. So it will create a sense of curiosity and urgency among the people who are eagerly waiting for the product to hit the market.

3. Offer a product demo

Every business wants to make a big profit the moment their product hits the market. But, technical issues or complexity of the product can turn out to be a big issue in your aim to increase sales. So providing a product demo through a short video can help your followers understand the newly launched product well.

4. Get behind the scenes

With Snapchat, you can easily get the attention of your followers by putting some light on the services and products you are offering. You can even take them inside the company and show them how things work behind-the-scenes.

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Company premises and culture can be shared to your followers in the form of short videos. With the right use of images and videos, you can show your audience how different you are from other businesses or competitors in the market. To add spice to this marketing strategy, you can even let your employees contribute their part to the content you share on the app. When done well, it will help to connect better with your followers and build trust.

5. Keep it casual

When it comes to different social media platforms, Snapchat is really a casual one. The majority of the audience on the app are youngsters, and so going casual is recommended. Remember that they don’t want to hear all those corporate stuff and expect things to be lively and full of action. So focus on coming up with marketing images and videos that can easily connect with your kind of audience very easily.

6. Let the story be short and sweet

Snapchat believes in short videos that are informative and that convey the message easily. Whatever the medium is, remember that your audience wants to have content that is very easy to understand and digest. So come up with something small that your audience can understand easily.

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Snapchat videos are small, and only have 10 seconds to make each one. This means you will need to come up with an idea and split them into different videos, and them string them together. This way, you can have a series of videos that fit together.

7. Offer incentives

Incentives are definitely one of the most exciting things for an audience. If you are promoting your business on Snapchat, you can easily offer a few giveaways on the app.

Most businesses on different social media platforms offer giveaways when the audience shares, retweets or even comments on posts. Similarly, you can offer a coupon code on Snapchat to promote buying. Young and mobile users always look for savings when shopping, and promos are one good way to attract them.


So still thinking of using Snapchat for social media engagement? When done right, Snapchat marketing is an effective social media marketing tool for your business. If you are still not on Snapchat, then you are surely missing out on a good number of opportunities to connect with your potential audience.


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