#Asia 8 mobile e-commerce platforms to help you achieve great prosperity


Moving from desktop to mobile can seem like a daunting (and expensive!) task. These tools will make your life a wee bit easier


Running an online store means always looking out for ways to increase sales.

And if a company wants to stay on top of the competition it means, among other things, developing a successful and customized e-commerce solution for your business to help increase conversions.

One way of hitting a Six is by taking advantage of the current ‘app glut’ where, according to SmartInsights, 89 per cent of mobile browsing is done through mobile apps rather than the browser function.

There are various reasons why mobile applications are proving to be so successful in driving conversions and subsequent sales — speed, ease of use and convenience of mobile payments among other reasons.

However, not unless you have deep pockets to sustain a US$5000 plus app development project, you need to look for affordable, yet professional looking solutions. That’s why so many app building platforms are coming up to the rescue of the small business owner.

Many businesses and individuals have successfully made their professional looking apps without writing a single line of code. If you want to design your mobile store and don’t want to play at the mercies of the programmer, here are few app building platforms you can take advantage of.



The developers who built Appypie had one goal in mind – developing a platform that can make app development as easy as eating a slice of pie.  The do it yourself(DIY) mobile app builder has so far had a phenomenal success and has built over 17,000 different types of app since its launch in 2014.

Why is it a catch?

  • Appypie mobile app building platform allows non-techie users to develop powerful/stunning multi-platform ecommerce app for BlackBerry, Windows phone, and Android and iOS platforms.
  • Allows you to link the app with your blog or website.
  • The app can easily be integrated with social media networks.
  • Allows GPS integration for giving directions to the customers.

Pricing: Basic pricing plan starts from $2.99 only.



Siberian app builder allows non-techies to create their apps by using a drag and drop editor.  All you need to do is to download it, install it in your server, choose a template, customize it, add features on your app and fill it with your content.

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The good thing with the Siberian app builder is that you can download the sources and compile them to submit your app on App Store and Google Play. Also, one can integrate the application with the payment gateways available like PayPal.

Why is it a catch?

  • The app maker offers you simplicity, quick deployment of mobile apps while at the same time allowing customization.
  • It’s a cross-platform solution.
  • Automatic updates after building the app, even after publishing it on the app stores without the need to republish the apps.

Pricing: Single app edition is absolutely free whereas multiple app edition is available at US$281.



According James Scott, the CEO of the company behind TheAppBuilder, they intended to “create an app with absolute ease, and set it live for use at no cost.”

And truly, app maker has grown into a powerful DIY mobile e-commerce solution that has helped many businesses grow their prospects.

Whether you want to build an HTML app or native Android/iOS app, this is one platform that cannot disappoint you. You can have a look at the whole list of e-commerce software that turned out to be best in the industry.

Why is it a catch?

This Italian-based app maker has great e-commerce integration with a whopping 30-plus shopping cart platforms like PrestaShop, Shopify and Magneto.


  • It provides easy and a faster way to make simple apps.
  • It is pocket friendly for small businesses.
  • It allows users to develop more complex apps using HTML5
  • It has few restrictions and no ads for the free version

Pricing: It is free to use. The premium plan is available at $5 per month.

However, the app builder is a bit buggy — sometimes it is hard to get maps to work and interface messages may not display properly. Also all apps essentially are re-packed HTML5 pages.



To stand out from your competition, you need to deploy extra muscle to get an edge over the competition. That is the advantage of Apperry.io.

The platform provides the best app-building solution for e-commerce that can reach the maximum number of clients.

Why is it a catch?

  • It is the only drag-and-drop cloud-based app building platform. Users don’t have to use install any software on the PC so as to make use of the software.
  • It is supported on multiple operating systems on the market today.
  • It offers users/developers on-site tutorials that make it easy for non-techies to easily get started.
  • It is simple enough to use, for both novice and experienced users.
  • Appery.io is available in different versions with varying features for each. Take a look.

Pricing:The basic plan starts from US$30 per month.




GoodBarber is a drag and drop app creator that offers a good mix of feature options and ease-of-use. The app builder allows Founders to build fantastic iPhone and Android apps without the need for writing a single line of code.

Why is it a catch?

The platform offers:

  • A  clutter-free workspace and an editor  that provides a step by step list to enable people to breeze through the whole app making process, making the process of designing the app complete child’s play.
  • 50-plus insanely eye-catching app themes to choose from with tons of customization options.
  • A  lot of plugins that allow you to add many neat features.
  • The only challenge is that it may take you a little tinkering around to familiarize with its features and interface.

Pricing: The standard plan starts from $22.




Como is probably the easiest app building platform to create ecommerce apps. The platform builds an app in three easy steps — the name of the application, the Facebook page and the type of the application needed.

After the data has been entered, leave the rest for Como.

The app maker will create an app with a basic template that is specified to the type of app selected.
Why is it a catch?

  • While Como makes it easy to build professional-looking apps, it also allows companies to accept in-app mobile payments via MyCheck.
  • The platform enables customers to place in-app requests with online ordering as well as tracking customer deliveries.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reliable and professional customer support.
  • Free membership that allows provides 5 app downloads and 50 monthly mobile app visitors.

Pricing: The price starts from $41 per month.



Appsbar is another free, open-source app building platform for making a mobile application.

Apps made with the service can either be published to their market, AppCatch, for free or to the commercial app stores as a natively-coded app.

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The app maker has huge library of codes and templates that make it easier to build the app. It also allows for Paypal integration for the company’s e-commerce store.

Why is it a catch?

Once done making the application, a team of experts will review it and publish it within 10 days.

Pricing: Absolutely free.




Appmakr platform gives the developer the liberty of choice between building a mobile app natively for Android/iOS or in HTML5.

If you want to remove AppMakr branding from the app, be able to charge for downloads and enjoy higher levels of support, consider going for higher pricing plans.

All plans allow unlimited updates and users.

Why is it a catch?

  • Easy to build your app – you don’t need to have coding skills to make a stunning application.
  • You can develop apps that has cross-platform support
  • You can make unlimited apps for free
  • The platform allows a live chat feature.

Pricing: This is free for creating a mobile website. Moreover, for building app the basic plan starts from $1.

However, publishing app for iPhone is difficult so you have to be careful when developing apps for iOS devices.


As the use of Smartphones increase, the demand for mobile based applications will also see a boost.

However, hiring a developer to hand code an application for your business can be scary for most small business struggling with finances.

To bridge the gap, developers have come up with app making platforms that make app development easier than before.

It doesn’t matter whether tech is a Founder’s forte or not. Or whether the project is made by an individual or a company trying to break the internet. The above platforms can help a great deal.

Just sign up, and get started in a whole new world world of app building.

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Over to you

Which app builder have you been using that has helped increase prospects for your ecommerce business?

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