#Asia 8 must-have plugins if you are using Outlook


Though Outlook is quite sufficient for most users, a few plugins if added makes working with Outlook a wonderful experience

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Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft. It comes as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is mostly used as an email application. Calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal and web browsing also comes as a part of it.

Though Outlook is quite sufficient for most users, a few plugins (small programs) if added,  makes working with Outlook a wonderful experience. The plugins stated below helps to expand its functionality and enhance outlook’s existing features.

1. Xobni

(It is Inbox spelled backwards I N B O X- X O B N I) – It is one of the most commonly used Outlook plug-ins. It facilitates organising and searching of emails & attachments at lightning speed even if there are tons and tons of them. It treats mailbox like a social network and analyses email behaviour. The add-in also helps to bring emails together, attachments or any other information for a given contact in one window. 

2. ManagePro

When added to Outlook  works as a productivity manager. It is a project and task management tool for Outlook. It can drag and drop email onto any project, calendar time slot or to-do list. It also helps in e-mailing any record, report or any written text and suggests whom it should be sent to.

3. SalesHandy

SalesHandy is a data analytics and communication tool which helps in tracking the prospect’s reaction on emails. This tool when integrated with Outlook helps user in getting an idea whom to send an email and at what time. The tool is designed to let user know when recipient has opened an email and also number of times email has been opened. SalesHandy also facilitates the user with the features of live meeting, screen and document sharing with tracking, etc. One can even track the emails if the recipient of the email forwards the mail to some other email address.

4. SimplyFile

Since the Inbox gets overcrowded, we often drop messages to various folders. It does happen that we drop the messages to wrong folders. SimplyFile is a solution to this problem. If added to Outlook it improves the ability to choose the right folder for our mails thus helping in organising them.

5. Sent Item Organiser

Many a times we want to organize  and control sent messages. Sent Item Organiser helps in moving sent messages to specific folders. It goes beyond Outlook built-in rules. Keywords or email addresses can be used to automatically organize the sent messages.

6. Lookeen

Lookeen is a plug-in for enhancing the Outlook’s search features. It helps in quickly retrieving Outlook items, emails, contacts, appointments, documents, etc. These information once found can be easily worked with as Lookeen provides an additional management tool for previewing, moving and deleting information.

7. Email Scheduler

With the help of Email Scheduler, one can send emails and files on scheduled time & date. It allows user to fix schedules for messaging on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Documents or folders can also be attached to the scheduled emails.

8. Duplicate Email Remover

Getting the same email with the same content time and again can be irritating. Duplicate Email Remover keeps a track of such messages getting delivered in the Inbox and remove such messages. Thus, it helps in saving your time and storage space.

The above plugins can be of great help to the Outlook users making it undoubtedly extremely useful.

Your views and suggestions always help us analyse better. Let us not end the list over here, will always be curious to know about any plugin that served you use Outlook in a better way. Also, let us know which one worked the best for you.

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