#Asia 8 things your resume needs when you are applying at startups


A good track record, plus both big company and startup experience can be a plus

While you might think that getting a job at a new startup is going to be easy because they are unknown, think again. They don’t need a lot of employees, and they are in a position to hold out until they get just the right people for the jobs they end up hiring for. So, you need to create a resume that gives startup owners what they want.

Here are eight things that you need to have on your resume when you are applying at startups:

1. Big company experience

Startup owners love having employees who have experience with big companies. Anywhere you can show such experience on your resume, make sure it stands out and gets noticed by startup owners who are looking for the best talent. If you have that big company experience, you are likely to be hired over someone who does not.

2. Track record

You can be the nicest person in the world, but a potential employer wants to see that you have what it takes to get the job done. Show them in your resume that you have a good track record, and that you have a history of being the best at your job. This is what is going to help you get that job over another candidate who can’t show a proven track record.

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3. Clarity

You need to have a resume that is well laid out and easy to read. If a startup owner looks at your resume and sees that they will have to read through a bunch of stuff they aren’t interested in to get to the good stuff, chances are they are going to put it at the bottom of the pile. If they can get to the point immediately, they are going to be more interested.

4. Functional expertise

Employers who run startups want to know that you have the experience for the job they are hiring for. You need to make sure that your relevant experience is highlighted so it stands out and they see that you are indeed the best candidate for the job. List any past titles, successful projects, etc. Find a clean resume template, and make sure you highlight this section.

5. Keywords

When doing resume searches, head hunters look for certain keywords. These are the keywords you need to have in your resume. Research the business you are applying for, and then use keywords that are relevant to that particular type of business. This is going to help you get noticed over those who are not using the right keywords.

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6. Hobbies

The things you do outside of work often relate in some way to what you do at work. If you have hobbies that have helped you develop skills that will help on the job, showcase what you love to do. This is going to show that you have ambitions, that you can easily learn new skills, and that you can apply the skills you have to the job.

7. Visual portfolio

The best way for potential employers to see what you can do is to show them a virtual portfolio. This can be anything from embedded media on a LinkedIn profile to a Github repository to a Behance collection, etc. If it is a good way to access your past work, use it to your advantage.

8. Startup Experience

While startup owners love employees who have big company experience, they are also looking for people who have experience working for startups. This may be a tall order, but if you can fill both needs, you are going to be more appealing than other candidates that don’t have your level of experience.


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