#Asia 9 applications that will greatly benefit from machine learning in 2017


Machine learning and artificial intelligence will continue to touch our lives, one way or another

machine learning and artificial intelligence

Sixty years ago, the world’s greatest scientists and mathematicians converged on the Dartmouth Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence to take part in a massive brainstorming session around artificial intelligence.

Today, businesses are scrambling to pick up where they left off and embrace the promise that artificial intelligence and machine learning offer the human race. The opportunity to mine repetitive human behaviours and predict the outcome has never been such a hot topic.

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Luckily, existing and new tools will assist all sizes of companies to meet their goals in 2017. Here’s a list of the best:


Google’s tools such as AdSense, Search and Maps assist marketers in reaching active and passive prospects from their desktop, moment of truth, or commute.

Social networking

Facebook’s ‘Add Friend’ and LinkedIn’s ‘People You May Know’ also continue to facilitate the connections that make both the largest social networks.

Image classification

Tagxit applies deep learning to improve image classification and categorisation to associate names and sentiments with specific images.

Face recognition

Snapchat’s app and goggles know when you smile and takes pictures for you with face detectionDevices that can learn a user’s preferred side, stance and pose can do the work for them. Facebook’s face recognition also auto-tags pictures for users, and so can the auto-detect feature in phone’s unlocking system.


These will go a step further with the internet-of-things, with startups developing systems that can recognise the faces of vehicle or home owners. Such a system will only allow recognised faces to enter the vehicle and take countermeasures against any unknown attempts, for instance. An additional security layer like this, given its after-sales nature, goes a long way in building trust with customers.


C2‘s anti-spam software ensures marketers are only emailing prospects that are interested in a specific category or offer based on previous purchasing behaviour within or around a segment. For instance, a baby car seat can be offered to segments identified as new moms.

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Weather forecasting

Machine learning can be applied to weather forecasting software to improve the quality of the forecast. Not only does doing so help the tangible supply chain but also real time fixes for online and offline shopping experiences.

Streaming video

iflix predicts taste in movies and TV shows. This is reminiscent of Netflix’s CineMatch, through which it has developed entertainment content that met the untapped needs of cross-genre enthusiasts that may never have seen their preferences played out — like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The same goes for Patari, which predicts taste in not just music and genres, but also preferred vocal styles and cross genre’s for curated suggestions.

Digital publishing

Machine learning will help recommend articles to you based on the type of news consumed on the website. Facebook already does a variation of this, based on what users engage with on their timelines. Understanding the cues and triggers that evoke actions allows marketers to curate messages accordingly.


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