#Asia 9 great tech companies you really want to work for!


Not a lot of folks know all the great tech companies in Asia, so e27 has made this quick list for the avid job seekers in our community


Here at e27, reporting on the successes of various tech companies in the Asian ecosystem has become second nature to us. Moreover, as these successful companies grow, they too need to continue hiring top talent for their workforce if they want to maintain their culture and quality of work.

But not everyone knows all the latest high-net-worth businesses in the region, so we’ve decided to chronicle a quick list for the avid and current job seekers in our community. Let’s start, shall we?

1. GrabTaxi


While GrabTaxi is already a prominent player in the ride-sharing infrastructure of Southeast Asia, the company doesn’t intend on stopping there. With the recent launch of a new service called GrabHitch, GrabTaxi is definitely looking for skilled engineers to help bolster and maintain the same high-quality of service and positive user experience that it originally brought into the ride-sharing market.

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Open Positions:

2. Mobikon


Having successfully raised an undisclosed amount from Life.SREDA and Qualgro, as well as closing US$2.3 million in a round led by Jungle Ventures, Mobikon is one food tech company that you don’t want to miss.

Being a digital platform for customer engagement and a dashboard for a plethora of restaurants, Mobikon needs managers that will be both active and highly effective in moving their company forward to new countries in Southeast Asia.

Open Positions:

3. Lalamove


If you’re looking for a founder or a CEO with a colourful history and a company that just raised US$10 million earlier this year, check out Lalamove, previously known as EasyVan. Its CEO, former full-time poker player, Shing Yuk Chow, gives e27 direct insights on who he believes can help his company grow even further. Consider this a fair ‘cheat sheet’ if you do end up in a one-on-one interview with him.

Open Positions:

4. Bindo


Perhaps you’re a job seeker that wants to work in a startup that has exposure to both US and APAC markets. If so, you’d fit well with Bindo, a retail technology company that is headquartered in New York, with its APAC headquarters in Hong Kong.

Having raised USD$2 million in a bridge round from undisclosed investors, Bindo seeks to improve its cloud-based iPad POS system and is looking for a manager that can deal with its international client base, some of whom are large franchises or enterprise corporations.

Open Position: Sales Business Development Manager

5. Motionelements


On the other hand, maybe you’d like to find a creative company that’s in its earlier stages of funding. Meet Motionelements, that has raised a pre-series A round from KK fund and 500 Startups.

Claiming to be the world’s largest online marketplace for Asia-inspired stock video clips, it provides its community a lot of stock animation and video clips, 3D models, and after effects templates. Likewise, Motionelements is also looking for employees who are just as creative as its community and provide a sense of ease and comfort to their customers.

Open Positions:

6. Sparkline


With the rapid interest and usage of mobile and Internet in Asia, Big Data means big market. Companies like Sparkline, a Singapore-based web and mobile data analytics firm, hope to cash in on this market, which Sparkline believes to be worth US$1.76 billion in 2016, up from US$258.5 million in 2011.

Founded by three Google alumni, Sparkline provides customised data analytics and strategic solutions to huge companies like Google, SingPost, Malaysia Airlines and INSEAD. With Big Data comes big technical responsibility as well, thus finding the right tech specialists matter to the company as well.

Open Position: Technical Integrations Specialist

7. HyperGrowth

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.39.17 PM

Then again, perhaps you’re looking for something more nuanced than ‘Big Data’ technology, or companies that emphasise the impact of data-driven decisions. Look no further than HyperGrowth, a marketing technology company that allows large APAC companies in the e-commerce, mobile and video game industries to make better advertising decisions – all thanks to the analytics it provides them.

As Hypergrowth seeks to further develop its data-centric marketing strategies, the company is looking for several SEM and SEO specialists, developers, and a data analyst.

Open Positions:

8. LCO-Creation

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 2.38.58 PM

For managers that desire to be exposed to partnerships in the travel industry or developers who want opportunities to build on innovative ideas, LCO-Creation would be a great fit for you. Its Travel Door application functions as a travel guide that showcases the origins of popular tourist spots, with features that also allow users to browse maps offline and an added GPS.

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LCO-Creation has partnered with 18 publishers and 150 travel agents in order to bring Travel Door into a reality and closed a Series A funding round from Digital Garage.

Open Positions:

9. BookDoc


And last but not least, some job seekers choose companies with strong social advocacy policies. Medtech startup BookDoc’s main focus is addressing the inefficiencies and information asymmetries in healthcare.

As Chevy Beh, the Founder of BookDoc, narrates, after seeing how his close friend had a near-death experience with dengue fever, he created BookDoc in order to improve the timeliness of diagnosis and helping patients find appropriate care. Through various investors, Beh has noted that BookDoc raised a pre-seed seven-digit USD round with an eight-digit valuation. For that, BookDoc needs a strong team that will help hospitals become more efficient, allow them to automate HR processes, and utilise data analytics for better hospital operations.

Open Positions:

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