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As any startup knows, getting noticed by customers and investors can be difficult. Especially if you’re an early-stage startup like Kobe, which was founded just last year. When the opportunity to exhibit at one of the largest conferences in Asia came by, we took it.

Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016 was our first startup exhibition. As cliché as it may sound, Kobe’s way of getting prepared was by having the end in mind – setting realistic and achievable goals. In essence, it was about planning, executing with discipline, and celebrating successes.

Thank you, Garena!

Tech in Asia’s Bootstrap Alley provided opportunities for us to gain exposure and get clients on board – essentials for a startup like us. But we figured that to stay competitive, it’s insufficient to fuel our business based on results and outcome alone. Therefore, we took the extra step in showing gratitude to those who have helped us in our journey. This included penning a note to thank Garena for sponsoring our booth. In return, we were greeted with genuine reciprocity, as they invited us to their office and even presented us with gifts!


Massive crowd at Tech in Asia Jakarta 2016’s Bootstrap Alley.

We built our brand

Bootstrap Alley was definitely worth the experience as we achieved more than what we had hoped for: 1 media coverage, 1 deal from a client and 50 contact points per day for potential collaborations and partnerships. On top of that, we also signed a deal with Garena for micro influencers.

Through the exhibition, we built our brand amongst the bigger players present, welcomed influencers on board, and it gave us a confidence boost when pitching to clients. Opportunities like these are rare. So, a word of advice from us to potential exhibitors is to always to jump on chances and make the best use of them!

Have a game plan behind every move

Startups should instill the mentality of ‘playing to win’, instead of avoiding to fail. The real question you should be asking yourself is, how do I leverage on this opportunity for greater returns?

Think from an attendee’s point of view. Who’s attending? What are they seeking? What would be impactful for them, and what is it that you need to do to achieve that? Once you’ve addressed those questions, traffic to your booth will follow. Then, nurture your leads and connections with constant touchpoints post-conference.

Efficient manpower allocation is also crucial. With so many conference segments happening at the same time, you’ll want to make the best out of your time there.

Remember to also celebrate little achievements along the way to keep team morale going 🙂


Photo credit: Tech in Asia

For Kobe, once isn’t enough

This year, we decided to exhibit again at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017. We still see the great importance of building relationships and more importantly, trust, through face-to-face interactions. As much as we are into social media, the essence of being traditional is still very much imbued with our company’s values, and also in how we name ourselves – Kobe, Kou Bei (or word of mouth, translated from Chinese).

We are confident about what Tech in Asia is doing. Their conference has been a great avenue for us to achieve our business objectives. We had a great experience last year, and we can’t wait see what opportunities are in store for us at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017.

Editor’s’ Note:
Here’s your chance to exhibit at Tech in Asia Singapore 2017 at zero cost! Our gracious partner Garena Group will be sponsoring 20 tech startups at Bootstrap Alley. Fill out this form by March 24 for a chance to join us this May 17 & 18 for free.

Each Garena-sponsored startup will only be entitled to one booth and one exhibitor pass.

Alternatively, register your startup here (before Mar 10, 2359, GMT +8) and we’ll shave 20 percent off your booth package. Each package comes with a 1-day booth and 2 exhibitor passes.

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