#Asia A thirteen-year old boy in India just got his carpool company acquired


What were you doing when you were at such a young age?

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When I was thirteen-years old, I was constantly vacillating between falling in love with every girl I saw and a crippling terror that my math teacher would catch me cheating on my homework.

For Akshat Mittal, young man out of Delhi and currently thirteen-years old, he just sold his startup to a corporate carpool app called Orahi — and in doing so nearly doubled the user base of the company.

After the acquisition Orahi will have 70,000 users, and Mittal’s Odd-Even.com platform will contribute 30,000 to that number.

The startup was designed for people to find a ride during Delhi’s recent 15-day long ‘odd even rule‘. The idea is not uncommon across the world; those with license plates ending in odd numbers can drive on odd numbered days, and even numbers get the rest of the week. The rule did not apply on Sundays.

Basically, the platform worked by having users enter some standard details, name, age, address, gender and pick-up/drop-off times (and, of course, whether they needed an odd-numbered or even-numbered chauffeur).

It then matched-up people according to the data and viola! they had a carpool partner.

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Furthermore, while the rule is temporarily over, it was considered a success by many people in the city and officials are pushing to have it reimplemented — giving Orahi a head-start should it go into effect once again.

Mittal is thirteen and has just accomplished a goal many entrepreneurs work a lifetime to achieve — sell a company. That must mean it is time to head back to school and focus on studies right?

Not entirely, he will be inducted into the Orahi advisory board as a technical and domain expert.

“I am happy that Odd-Even.com will now be able to cater to a large number of commuters…I think I can contribute to Orahi as a part of advisory board and will add value in both technical and domain aspects,” Mittal said in a statement.

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Orahi is a corporate carpool app that takes people from home to the office and back. It was founded in 2013 and in January 2016 it raised 3.5 crore (US$526,534) from Indian Angel Network. While operating only in the Dehli-NCR region at the moment, Orahi says it has plans to expand to Bangalore and Mumbai in Q2 2016.

So cheers to you Akshat Mittal, for reminding us to just go out and build the damn thing. Because age is just a number right?


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