#Asia Advice for all young leaders and entrepreneurs – here is a winners checklist you can live by


A true winner is someone who lives life all in and strives to reach their true potential

Way back in the mid 1990s I was asked to run a big city branch of a UK bank along with three smaller branches spread across the city. I was starting out on my leadership journey, and to help me I began to scribble down a few key thoughts. One day I put these thoughts together as a “Winning Checklist”. I pinned it to my desk and looked at it regularly and as a minimum each Friday as I reflected on the week just finishing.

I have been doing masterclasses recently, and I have been sharing the same checklist as a take-away. Amazingly my scribblings from over 20 years ago still hit the mark and make an impact today. I have just added a couple of extra thoughts from my recent learnings (5/4/17).

I am passionate about helping people soar to new heights and achieve their true potential. I trust it helps you as you embark on a new journey, a new challenge or just as an effective aide memoire.

Here it is:

Winners Checklist

  • Am I clear on my purpose?
  • Have I got clarity of both goals & objectives? Do they align to my purpose?
  • Have I got clarity of my next best actions (to take my towards the achievement of my goals)?
  • Have I operated 100 per cent within my circle of influence?
  • Have I spent time with those who need me most?
  • Have I ensured my (rising) stars feel great?
  • Have I maintained a ‘can do’ attitude & a sense of urgency?
  • Have I held my nerve (… and done the right things)?
  • Have I held my appointment with Mozart? (Time to myself to think!)
  • Have I learned something new? (Make self-development a daily event.)
  • Have I learned from a champion?
  • Have I put enough energy into my business?
  • Have I done what matters most?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how happy am I? (How could I become a 10?)
  • What have I celebrated this week?
  • Who have I helped?
  • How much better is my business this week than last?
  • What is the BEST thing I have done today?

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It is something that has always helped me stay on my path … I trust it helps you too. Please add/subtract/change/adapt/share and use in any way you want.

A true winner is someone who lives life #allin and strives to reach their true potential.

As my grandfather always taught me:

Live life with a generous and a sharing heart. Keep winning!

Andy Fell #GiFT631 #Youth4good


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