#Asia Android users prefer Taipei but iOS users favour Bali: new Singaporean travel survey shows


Android users in Singapore also tend to spend more on holiday bookings


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Technological leaps have significantly change our travel habits, sometimes positively, but debatable in other aspects. For example, smartphones has helped us navigate our way through cities better; but it has also taken away the charm of the good ol’ Polaroid cameras.

For Singaporeans, smartphones have pervaded all aspects of their travel habits, from the booking of hotels to finding the best coffeehouse. Needless to say, more established online travel practices, such as booking via desktop sites have long taken root, giving travel agents a run for their business.

A report conducted by travel search engine KAYAK.sg has highlighted the desktop and smartphone habits of Singaporean travellers.

Here are some key highlights.

Young people are more likely to book trips on mobile

A decade ago, 76 per cent of Singaporean travellers booked holidays through offline travel agents. But in the face of online competition, that percentage has dwindled to a mere 26 per cent. Now, 89 per cent of Singaporean travellers prefer booking online, a huge jump from 36 per cent a mere 10 years ago.

The majority of Singaporeans travellers (74 per cent) prefer to book trips on the desktops; 24 per cent of Singaporeans, however, book through smartphones or tablets. Unsurprisingly, it’s the Millenials — under 35 years old — who make up the majority of that 24 per cent.

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When it comes to the boarding process, almost half of Singaporean travellers (49 per cent) check in online and print their boarding passes at home, up from 24 per cent 10 years ago. Today, 22 per cent of Singaporean travellers also carry their boarding passes in their mobile phones, compared to six per cent a decade ago (I did not know you could that 10 years ago).

Singaporean travellers can’t get away from social media

Twenty-one per cent of Singaporean travellers can’t resist the temptation to show off their experiences on social media while travelling, which is a lot more than Australians (14 per cent) and Hong Kongers (11 per cent).

Also, gone are the days where you gloat to your family and mates in person with freshly-developed photos; now 86 per cent of Singaporean travellers share them online first — instant gratification!

Among those aged 18 to 24, more than 90 per cent engage in online sharing of travel photos.

Women Singaporean travellers are also more likely to share photos compared to their male counterparts (81 per cent versus 71 per cent).

Smartphones are part of the Singaporean travel survival kit

When it comes to researching for travel activities, Singaporean travellers would rather use a smartphone than a regular computer (54 per cent versus 28 per cent).

In fact, among those aged 18 to 24 years old, 70 per cent of them would rather use a smartphone.

Different smartphone users travel differently

These statistics may provide further evidence that Android users behave differently from Apple fanboys.

While Bangkok was the top searched travel destination for both Android and iOS users, the second most searched place for the former was Taipei, and the latter, Bali.

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With regards to flight bookings, iOS users spend an average 41 per cent or S$309 (US$223) more than Android users, who spend S$241 (US$160).

iOS users are also more likely to spend on luxury hotels, with 32 per cent of them book five-star hotels compared to Android users at 26 per cent.

We will leave it to you to draw your own wild conclusions.

Android and iOS users do share one distinct commonality — they both take five minutes to make a flight booking or a hotel booking; which is much faster than those who use a desktop (seven minutes for flights, six minutes for hotels).

To view the whole report, click here.

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