#Asia Behind the Startup: Before you sign that contract, ask the CEO about funding


Snapcart’s Marketing Manager shares tips for finding the right startup to work with

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Twelvi Febrina Tobing worked for advertising and creative agencies for four years, handling new product launches for multiple clients. She thought it was great to see ideas come to life and she loved the joy expressed by both clients and customers.

But something was missing.

“I realised [that] I didn’t know if my actions were actually impacting the client’s success in the long run. I was only working behind the scenes, [but] I wasn’t one of them,” she explains.

Although she appreciates the learning process provided by working in agencies, Tobing decided to leave, and the tech industry is where she chose to land next.

“The tech industry is always focussed on breaking new ground. It’s a culture of movement, growth, advancement … It really excites me,” she says.

When she landed the gig as Marketing Manager at Jakarta-based cashback mobile app Snapcart, she knew that she was in the right place.

“It may sound cliché, but startups offer personal satisfaction because you know your work is integral to their success,” she concludes.

How does one find and secure the right startup job? In today’s edition of Behind the Startup, Tobing shares her valuable advice.

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1. Learn about the brain behind the idea

“In a startup, it’s important to know your CEO. Their background, and their success and failure story is important to the success of the company, and how quickly you’ll grow as an individual.”

2. During the interview, ask a lot of questions about their long-term vision

“If you don’t believe in the idea, move on. If you’re not passionate about the fashion industry, try not to work in fashion tech or e-commerce. You need to believe in the idea to be happy at work. Think carefully about it.”

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3. Learn about the VC behind the startup

“Look into their startup portfolios, their successful exits and their funding commitment. Do your homework. Google them, ask other experts in the industry.

“Are their startups well-known? Are they credible and [do they] have a good reputation? Watch out for red flags. Knowing that there’s a credible VC behind a startup gives a sense of security.”

4. Ask the CEO about the funding

“This is what I did two days before I signed my contract. A good CEO will be honest with you and give you a number, or at least the range.

“Because they believe in the startup’s ability to survive.”

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