#Asia Behind the Startup: The beauty of small teams is in their dedication


Moxy Indonesia’s VP of Engineering on the importance of being agile, and of knowing what women want in an e-commerce site

Reza Muhammad (second from left), VP of Engineering at Moxy Indonesia

Reza Muhammad (second from left), VP of Engineering at Moxy Indonesia

Working in a company that provides services that cater specifically for women can be a challenge for a guy, but Reza Muhammad, VP of Engineering at Moxy Indonesia, still sees it as a rewarding experience.

He stresses the importance of research and discussions with colleagues to tackle possible issues, and to help him understand what women want in an e-commerce site.

“The majority of staff at Moxy are women. As our potential first customers, we always get live feedback regarding their browsing behavior, their likes and dislikes and a combination of different types of products they would like to buy,” Muhammad says.

This has resulted in the startup’s approach to designing and creating web content.

“For example, when we display products, not only are the images always high resolution, but the angles and feeling should promote a sense of emotional well-being. This is something especially important to females when they make purchasing decisions,” he explains.

Muhammad started his career as a remote network administrator for a web hosting company, way back in 2002. Living up the ‘practice makes perfect’ principle, he did not wait until graduation to begin his tech career.

“The only way to understand what I was learning in school was by being exposed to it in the real world,” he says.

Here is the edited excerpt of the interview:

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How does working in a startup differ from working in a corporate?

I love startup environments. I love the rush, the never-ending cycle of product improvement, and application of day-to-day changes you make based on past learning.

I love the fact that, in a startup environment, you always learn something new and your actions have a larger impact versus being in a large corporation.

Sometimes, people might think we make hasty, reckless decisions, which isn’t always true. Some processes and SOPs aren’t fully defined yet. But, at the same time, this is how we move quickly.

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What is your most memorable experience working in a startup?

I remember the day before we finally relaunched the newly branded Moxy.

We were coordinating with the content team to perform all the last-minute checks to ensure products were all in order. The whole office was filled with a rush of anticipation to finally see the outcome of all our hard work.

Although it was a very tiring day and we stayed at the office until midnight, no one complained because the final product was well worth it.

That’s the beauty of a smaller team working so closely together on one entity: everyone is extremely invested and proud of their accomplishment.

Hard work doesn’t faze us.

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Any advice for those who want to work in a startup?

Working in a startup is great for those who want to be entrepreneurs in the future, because you’ll learn a lot about how to build and run a company.

The ever-changing environment will teach you to be a versatile person, so be prepared for frequent adaptation, guaranteed to make you grow stronger in your skill set and teamwork.

Embrace every single day because this is something you won’t experience anywhere else.

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