#Asia Behind the Startup: Why I gave up organising events to organise drivers


Deliveree’s Ayu Septyaningtyas shares the perks of working in a courier service startup – and why a driver once sent her a dress

Ayu Septyaningtyas, Fleet Coordinator at Deliveree

Ayu Septyaningtyas, Fleet Coordinator at Deliveree

Ayu Septyaningtyas, Fleet Coordinator at app-based courier service Deliveree, began the conversation with e27 by explaining her job.

“We do recruitment and maintenance [for our] drivers. Also, if there is any problem with customers, drivers usually come to us before we go to the CS (customer service) team,” she explains.

The only woman in the team of four, Septyaningtyas stresses the importance of maintaining warm relationships with Deliveree’s drivers, who often visit the head office and hang out with the staff.

Some drivers even develop a habit of sending the team gifts when they receive a bonus for their performance, or even treating them out for dinner.

“Drivers are the face of our company. [The] Sales team might be the one who gets all the customers, but it is the drivers that customers are directly interacting with,” she says, adding that the startup currently partners with 200 drivers across the Greater Jakarta area.

“I once took a taxi ride and [the driver was] using this app from a certain startup. He told me that the startup only calls drivers to the office when something is wrong, and they often get scolded. That’s just not how we do things here. We always tell our drivers in every training session: Consider this company as your own family,” she says.

Here is the edited excerpt of the interview:

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How did you begin your career in the tech industry?

This is the first startup I ever worked in. I started in July when there were only 10 people in the whole company.

Before this, I had my own event-organising company with my sister. When the team grew, I ended up spending more time waiting on them instead of actually [doing] real work. I got bored, then started looking for new challenges. Then my friend, who used to work in Deliveree, informed me about the Fleet Coordinator position.

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What’s the most memorable experience working in a startup? Other than being treated to dinner by the drivers…

Once we received a mysterious package containing five martabak (sweet pancake-like dessert) addressed to me, Tom (Kim, CEO of Deliveree), the finance girl, everybody in the team. Turned out that it was sent by another driver, who had just received a bonus!

When the performance bonus programme first began, I jokingly told a driver, “Hey, where’s my treat?” and he came back the next day with a kebaya dress for me!

No way!

Yes! Turned out that his parents have a tailoring business. I think that’s what we get when we treat our drivers as family.

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How is working in a startup different from working as an event organiser?

I like working in a startup better because it’s more dynamic and flexible. For example, the boss might come out with an idea today, and tomorrow, it will already be executed. Changes are happening rapidly here.

As event organisers, we have an established set of vendors that we work with. We only need to come up with new themes for events, then the vendors will do the rest. It’s more relaxed, but it’s also boring.

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Any advice for those who want to start working in startups?

Mental preparation! And if you’re not adventurous, you better not do it.

Changes are happening so quickly in this work environment. If you can’t keep up with it, then … goodbye.

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