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It’s no secret we publish guest posts on e27. We’re totally stoked with the amazing stuff you’ve sent us so we decided to feature some of our favourites. From budding founders to seasoned entrepreneurs, there’s something for everybody this May.

And without further ado, here are our top eight guest posts from fellow-founders tackling health and sleep, fund-raising when you least need it, the pains of rejection, co-founder woes and finally, enjoying the journey with your startup ‘family’.

1. Three kickass things every founder must do everyday

Picsdream Founder Mahesh Nair says that it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Founders should invest in their health through workout and meditation, create a routine and set aside some family time–everyday.

2. I spent the past week sleeping in the office: This is what I learnt

Saving an hour on the commute every day and sleeping under the desk has got to be a good idea, right? Well, Ex-Googler Steven Feiner  did just that waiting for his lease and catching-up on work on his startup, A Better Florist.

3. Raise VC funding when you do NOT need money

To raise or not to raise? IT Veteran and founder of a logistics technology company Amit Singal takes on this conundrum suggesting that “if you are thinking of taking money, you should first think of returning it”. He adds that the best investors are the ones who believe in mutually rewarding partnerships (though not always financial) and bring value additions to your company, than just the money they invest.

4. Lessons learnt from a startup rejected by 500 Startups, Techstars and Y Combinator

Leo Faria takes us through their (rollercoaster) fundraising experience for Saasmetrics. After turning down two investment offers and deciding to take the accelerator route, Leo and his team faced a string of rejections from top accelerator programs. At the end of it, Leo shares: “the only ones you need to impress are your customers”.

5. Jumping the gun and five other things that business owners regret

If you could turn back time and start your business again, what would you do differently? An accountant and a small business owner himself, Russell Smith shares common regrets experienced by entrepreneurs and consequently, valuable lessons we can all learn from.

6. How to find the right business partner for your startup

Clairine Runtung from Convergence Ventures prompts us to imagine a business like a really large box and not to mention, a very heavy box, because that needs moving. Eventually, the founder would have to find someone, a co-founder or partner that can help with the load. Clairine acknowledges that no method for selecting the right business partners will ever be perfect, and shares insights from seasoned entrepreneurs.

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7. What not to do when you are married to the Co-founder of your startup

Though the thought of working or setting up a company with one’s spouse does have a certain romantic appeal, if not managed correctly, it can cause long term damage to both your personal and professional life. Divya Chauhan shares her personal account running itsapleaZure.com with her husband.

8.The best ‘F word’ is not Founders or Funding

Rounding up our list is a piece from Shopback’s co-founder Joel Leong. Well, we won’t spoil this one for you, you gotta find out for yourself what the best ‘F word’ is. As you can see, it’s not founders or funding.

Hope you enjoyed this list, stay tuned for next month’s instalment. In the meantime, why don’t you send us your own guest post too? And see you all at Echelon Asia 2016 very soon! Tickets are still available, so grab yours now!


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