#Asia #China China Business Cast Podcast: Building An IoT Accelerator In Hong Kong


After flying to Hong Kong for RISE, we spoke with Nick Ramil from Brinc.io, an Internet-of-Things hardware accelerator in Hong Kong. In this episode, Nick explains the ins and outs of Brinc and Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem. (comment: China Business Cast’s original description was this:

“RISE conference ended a few weeks ago. I (Shlomo) flew to Hong Kong to the conference and met Mike as well. It was a good chance to do our very first in person episode recording. This one is with Nick Ramil from Brinc.io accelerator.  We went to their cool space and managed to find the time to talk right before continuing to the next drinking event. Enjoy!”)

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The goal of China Business Cast is to help entrepreneurs who want to learn how to do business in China. The podcast features conversations with experienced entrepreneurs and business people who’ve built their businesses in China.  We’re here to dig into the details so you can learn from real, on-the-ground accounts of how business actually gets done.

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  • Nick Ramil intro: What does Brinc do and how is Nick involved?
  • Nick is the founder of The Elevator Life and entered China’s community dealing mostly with sourcing and manufacturing. Then he moved more on to the digital world, launching products on Kickstarter before building Brinc. How was the transition into Brinc ?
  • How is it working with other startups?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges / mistakes you see these startups make?
  • What kind of products Brinc.io is dealing with?
  • And what kind does Brinc prefer not to deal with? Any specific stages?
  • Why choose Hong Kong as your hub versus other places in Asia?
  • What is the most exciting product that Brinc has launched so far?
  • How does Brinc evaluate startups and what is the process that they have to go through?
  • How does the program work (for those interested in applying)?
  • What’s the best way to reach out and find out more info ?

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