#Asia #China In the eyes of 3 foreigners, China’s great changes in the past decade; with Kapil Kane, Geoffrey Handley and Oscar Ramos


When you ask foreigners why they come to China to start a business, many people will say that because the Chinese market is very large and they marvel at China speed. But the key to the problem is not what brought you to China, but why you have stayed in China for so long. Today we have a special podcast with 3 “Laowai” guests who have been in China for over 10 years and are respectively leading the frontiers of venture capital accelerator, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship in Shanghai. They stated that compared to other cities, Shanghai is so different and crazy. From their mouths, you will hear China’s great changes in the past decade in the eyes of foreingers. Let’s listen to it!

Host: Graham Brown, Host of Asia Tech Podcast
Guests: Oscar Ramos, Chinaccelerator Partner and Program Director
Kapil Kane, Director of Innovation at Intel
Geoffrey Handley, Founding General Partner of Haitao Capital

Show notes:
01:45 Introdcution
02:33 Why Oscar came to Shanghai
04:00 Shenzhen VS Shanghai
05:54 How was Shanghai before 2008 Olympics
09:28 Kapil’s first arrival in China
13:33 Why did you stay in China
16:35 Do engineers think of technology differently after they come to China
18:09 Mobile revolution in China
18:38 What makes Shanghai startup ecosystem special – Being open-minded
21:15 Easy access to everyone in this ecosystem
23:00 Geoffrey joined the chat
25:12 Geoffrey’s connection with China
27:09 Is this a good place for technology development

Feel free to leave a comment and start a conversation with us! If you have an ideal guest whom you would like to listen to, please let us know and we’ll do our best to realize it!

Many thanks to our special host Graham Brown, guest Oscar Ramos, Kapil Kane and Geoffrey Handley, editor David and Geep, organizer Chinaccelerator and sponsor People Squared.

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