#Asia Demystifying the last mile Industry with Detrack


Have you ever bought something online and had a nasty experience with the delivery fulfilment?


With the rise of e-commerce, it has become a habit for us to shop online for almost everything from our daily needs to luxury goods. But have you wondered what really happens from the time you placed your order to the moment you receive the delivery, and why is it that unpleasant delivery experiences are so common?

Delivery app Detrack — available in over 40 countries and has carried out three million jobs — wants to tackle some of these burning questions.

What is last mile delivery?

The last leg when consumer products are delivered to the home, known as the last mile delivery, is a crucial part of the supply chain. Every minute round the globe, millions of deliveries move out on the last mile journey to reach their intended recipients, contributing to the billion-dollar business of last mile delivery fulfilment.

Getting the last mile delivery wrong for the retailer spells serious consequences of alienating the customer. On the flipside, if a company gets it right, they would have won a customer’s loyalty.

However, it is not easy to get it right. The last mile of the supply chain is fraught with problems. This is where we have Singapore grown solution – Detrack entering the market with the SaaS power pill to help companies smoothen out their last mile delivery process.

What’s jamming up the last mile delivery?

One major problem of the last mile delivery fulfilment is the lack of visibility and communications between the stakeholders. There is usually little or no real-time communication between the retailer to their shipper, usually 3rd party logistics provider (3PLS) and as the chain moves to the end recipient, almost all active communication cease.

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Detrack empowers all companies handling deliveries to own the ability to automate the transmission of real-time delivery progress, and to provide full visibility to their operations team and their customers.

From real-time delivery tracking of the driver’s movements to timely specific milestones triggered texts / emails notifications, there’s also a live tracking page available and a real-time notification with an electronic proof of delivery attached upon completion of delivery. End recipients are kept involved and informed during the entire last mile delivery – done automatically.

Besides the lack of visibility, the Logistics industry is by nature a heavily fragmented one. The complexity and fragmentation happens because of the multitude of logistics configurations. For instance, a retailer outsources their deliveries to a 3PL who in turn further outsources it to other sub-contractors.

A retailer may also have a mixed fleet and only outsource part of their deliveries. There are also instances where the retailer outsource their deliveries to many different 3PLS. Configurations like these are endless.

Detrack provides a flexible platform that caters to the dynamic configurations of different logistics setups supporting a clientele that includes Nippon Express (Singapore), Reebonz and Toll Global Logistics. At the same time, Detrack has the capabilities to cater to different workflows required by the different logistics configuration.

Collaboration is key to effectively tackle a problem, so Detrack partnered with other established solutions and platforms to solve the problems faced during the last mile delivery.

For instance, Detrack partnered with Nexmo, powering the likes of Alibaba, Viber and Expedia, to provide the option of sending delivery milestones’ especially for their Asia Pacific users where Nexmo is the regional market leader. Detrack also partnered with Aftership, to enable users and end recipients to have a common platform to track all their deliveries regardless of couriers starting from ground zero to the last mile.

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Logistics disruptors winning the game?

There are many last mile delivery companies such as Ninja Van and aCommerce raising big money, which has put the heat on the traditional logistic companies. Increased technological innovations have enabled them to provide a cheaper, faster and better service.

For Detrack, innovation has come in a form of a route optimisation module that enable companies to plan their routes consisting of hundreds and even thousands of stops for their drivers in just minutes – cutting down labour cost and time.

Drivers can now do more deliveries in a day with the optimised scheduling, paving the way for cheaper delivery. Detrack’s route planning module takes into account more than 20 different constraints like time windows, load, vehicle type, service time, rush hours’ buffer and more to project the most realistic scenario for optimised routes and ETAs.

It takes only a few minutes for Detrack’s routing algorithm to perform thousands of permutations. With the help of automated route planning coupled with Detrack’s real-time visibility, the future of a  logistics industry reshaped into a tech-driven one that is efficient, cheap and well is may come to pass sooner than we think.

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