#Asia Ever thought of getting cash rewards for app discovery? Showbox will show you how!


Smartphone gamers are in for a treat – use Showbox to download games and get paid!


There are plenty of smartphone gamers out there – ones who frequently visit application stores and marketplaces and download a myriad of popular titles. With Showbox, these users have truly hit jackpot as they can now download games and play them while earning cash rewards!

Value for smartphone gamers

Showbox is a platform where smart phone users can discover fun games and get cash rewards by installing them. The way Showbox works is fairly simple. Once you enter the Showbox home page, you are presented with a list of offers (most of them are games). You will just need to install any game you are interested in, play for a while and receive CASH-POINTS. You can choose to uninstall the game if you don’t like it but you still keep the POINTS. You can use the POINTS to cash out via PayPal, top-up phone bill or redeem gift cards such as Amazon gift card. Showbox provides an easy way to make a few dollars from downloading games every week.

“If you are already downloading games from time to time, Showbox is the perfect choice for you,” commented John Zhou, founder and CEO of Showbox Group.

Value for games & apps developers

Showbox provides an effective way for games & apps developers to drive high download traffic, boost the app store ranking and then gain more organic growth. Due to the cash incentive to users, the click-to-install conversion rate is as high as 30%. The cost per installation is also decreased to as low as $0.2 USD compared to $2 USD from other promotion platforms. Showbox also leverages social network followers to generate more traffic.

Besides working with a dedicated account manager, the developers can choose to use the self-servicing platform to register accounts and create campaigns by themselves. It’s an easy-to-use web portal with online chat support. The developers can control the total budget and daily budget of each campaign. Working with leading tracking solutions, the portal tracks installations accurately and also provides report functions for developers to download.

Mission and Vision of Showbox

Showbox was released globally in Jan 2015. Currently 3 million members, with over 1000 new members signing up every day, are using the platform. In the last 12 months, Showbox members completed more than 1 million games installations. The company is now working with partners and developers to get more games for members to try out.

Meanwhile, the company also plans to give cash incentives to members for playing games, writing reviews, giving tips and sharing in social network platforms. The company aims to build a platform to benefit both game players and game developers. Players get to discover games that interest them (and get paid to do so!), while developers enjoy direct access to a pool of active game players, who helps to boost downloads and spread the awareness via social networks.

Giving back to society

Showbox believes that they have a social obligation to fulfil. They have collaborated with Community Chest to help the less fortunate, incorporating a feature that allows users to donate their CASH-POINTS to a charitable cause, helping children in need. “Every child deserves an equal opportunity to reach his fullest potential and enjoy life just like any of us,” shared John.

Showbox was globally released in Jan 2015. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and is available for all Android mobile devices.

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