#Asia From Ordinary to Tech: How her e-craft store changed Sarah Jagger’s life


Not all digital nomads are single guys who travel the world to surf; Sarah Jagger of Domestic Objects shows you how she differs

Sarah Jagger, Founder of Domestic Objects

Sarah Jagger, Founder of Domestic Objects

Prior to starting Domestic Objects, Sarah Jagger was what she described as a “trailing spouse”. Her husband Stephen Jagger’s work as Co-founder of PayrollHero required the family to move from one Southeast Asian country to another, starting with the Philippines and now Singapore.

Leaving behind her job as Cardiology Systems Administrator at the Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Healthcare, she spent her days as a full-time mother and housewife.

Until one day, she found that she was unable to find the right tent for her children to play in.

“I strive to provide them with tools for imaginative and creative play,” she says.

When she could not find it with her little bit of sewing experience, she decided to make her own tent. Friends and family saw this and began asking her to make one for them. She then set up an Etsy store. Thus, Domestic Objects was born in 2014.

Jagger talks to e27 about the business, how working in tech has changed her life and more.

Here are the edited excerpts: 

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What are your tools of the trade? How has it impacted your life?

I run the whole business from my iPhone. I use Google Docs to keep track of production and sales; Etsy and BigCommerce for online sales; Instagram, Facebook, Carousell and Twitter for marketing; Viber, Messenger, Whatsapp and Skype for communication; Expensify for expenses; PayPal, Square and GoSwiff for payments; and finally for editing my photos I use Layout and SnapSeed.

The combination of Instagram and Etsy is amazing. Instagram is a really warm, supportive community and Etsy is literally designed for handmade, quality products like mine. The two work hand in hand.

As for changing my life, I can’t keep up with the demand. It is fun, exciting and challenging … and I love it.

A sample of Domestic Objects tent

A sample of Domestic Objects tent

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What is the best thing about working in a tech-based business? How do you compare it to your previous work?

The flexibility is amazing. I don’t have a defined work schedule anymore. No more commuting and I’m my own boss. But really, the technology available today is what makes this all possible.

As for comparing to my previous work, there is little to compare. I miss my colleagues at my old job, but this is so much different than anything I have ever done.


Image Credit: Domestic Objects

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Any tips for those who want to transform from corporate life to running a digital-based business?

The hardest part is starting [up]. It is a leap of faith. But with the tools available today, it does not take much to get involved.

If you really don’t know what to do, but want to get involved… go to a meet-up, learn about online marketing, handmade products, read blogs, and watch YouTube videos. There is so much knowledge out there; you just need to look for it.

You don’t need to quit your day job to start an Etsy store.

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