#Asia Healthy habits: These 6 healthcare startups give easier access to medical help


A large number of exciting new companies are working around the clock to develop new, more convenient medical and healthcare services

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The medical industry has always been on the forefront of innovation, and it’s no wonder that healthcare tech is increasingly being used to bring new possibilities to patients, as well as doctors. In addition to large corporations and government-run programs, there are countless small businesses looking to find their place in the medical community with ambitious projects based on new tech.

Some of the startups discussed in this article lack the name recognition power of mainstream healthcare companies, but their products/services are good enough to put them on the map.

Here are a few accomplished examples that are definitely worth your attention:


Many people struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even if they are aware of their bad habits and want to change them. This is why founders of this program tried to develop a way to help individuals keep their word and improve their lifestyle by entering their goals into an app and getting regular reminders.  It’s much easier to lose weight or quit smoking when you are using StickK, which is why the company is experiencing a lot of commercial success, as well.


Doctors from around the world can easily communicate and exchange opinions through a specialised network called Doximity. It’s no surprise that the project quickly became very popular and brought together a large number of users from dozens of different countries. It’s like a social media site for people who share a deep interest in healthcare topics — which means conversations tend to stay more focused on meaningful topics.


An exciting new clinic out of West Florida, this organisation is making waves in the medical community with its advanced range of cost-effective services. Specialised for chronic pain management, PCWFL employs the best specialists and can perform several forms of therapy, from injections to psychological counselling. It’s definitely a company worth keeping tabs on – and not only locally.


A lot of people suffer from psychological problems, but rarely have the time to visit a professional that could help them deal with these issues. That could change with the launch of a software module that allows for private conversations with the doctor to take place over a mobile device, together with the camera feed and e-mail reminders. If this sounds like a great product idea, that’s because it is.


Booking an appointment with the best doctor can be a serious task, especially if you don’t know in advance which physician you want to see. Enter ZocDoc, the first specialised service designed to simplify the process and make it more manageable. Finding the best doctor in your vicinity becomes easy with the search options provided by this handy app, which means a lot when there is an urgent medical need you need to attend to.


An electronic device that can be attached to human body in order to correct body posture can help millions of people improve their health without any medication, LumoBack has realised this project with stunning efficiency, earning high praise from the industry and gaining a sizeable population of enthusiastic users. Having a technological aid active at all times is the best way to become aware of the pressures you put on your body and change your bad habits before they lead to permanent damage.


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